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What Should Be Fujifilm’s Next Film Simulation? And When Will it Come?


The Next Film Simulation

I get quite regulary emails from readers, asking me what the next film simulation will be and when it will arrive.

I can’t answer these question right now, but we know that Fujifilm is indeed investigating what the next film simulation should be… word of Fujifilm manager here.

So there will be new film simulations. But when will they come?

Usually, Fujifilm introduces new film simulations along with a new sensor and processor. So it’s safe to assume, that we will have to wait for X-Trans IV and X-Processor Pro II to get the next film simulation… and I currently don’t know when this will happen… but not that soon I guess.

So the question today is…. which film simulation should be the next one? Feel free to say it in the comments :)

And if anyone out there knows something I don’t know, feel free to contact me anonymously via rumor box or also via email at :)

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