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Do We Need the Fujifilm X-T2S? :: Is Fuji the New “Old” Leica? :: Best Low Light Fuji Cameras :: Wildlife Photography with X-T2 (miXed zone)


Fellow Fuji X and G shooters,

I really get a terrific amount of emails with requests to be featured on FujiRumors and I want to make everybody happy.

So I have decided to share more miXed zones than we were used in the past. This will allow me to keep roundups smaller (less links) and give you guys an overall better reading experience (I hope).

Also, I’m trying to organize miXed zones in a way that it makes sense, which is why lenses, GFX, X100F and occasionally also RAW converters, accessories and more get a a dedicated roundup.

The new way I orgnize miXed zones also means it might occasionally take a little bit longer before your blog will be featured on FR, but on the other hand, having them better organized will allow you to get a better visibility.

It is a huge amount of work for me, but I’m happy to invest my time to feature you all in the best way possible and to improve your reading experience.

As usual, I’m thankful for feedback… I really try to do my best, and in case you have suggestions, they are always welcome.

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