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Fujifilm X-T100: Do We Really Need it and Will You Buy it? See the FULL SPECS and VOTE the POLL


Fujifilm X-T100 – Do We Need It?

Earlier today the full specs of the Fujifilm X-T100 leaked at FujifilmEU… and they confirm all the rumors that we have shared since we started the X-T100 rumor marathon in September 2017:

According to rumors shared exclusively for you here on FujiRumors, the announcement is set for May 24.

Now the question is: does the Fujifilm X-T100 makes sense to you?

Fuji’s idea is clear: the Fujifilm X-T100 will close the gap between the EVF-less Fujifilm X-A5 and Fuji’s mid-range X-Trans Fujifilm X-T20 and compete with cameras like the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II and the Sony A6000

Since it has an EVF (first APS-C Bayer X-series camera to have it), it could potentially attract those enthusiast photographers, who are attracted by the X-system, but are scared by the fake myths surrounding the X-Trans sensor (personally I am an X-Trans fan).

I think that most of you guys reading this blog, won’t care much about the Fujifilm X-T100. But just like the X-A5, I think also the X-T100 could find a huge fellowship. To me, it is a good move by Fujifilm, although personally I’d go for the X-T20 over the X-T100.

But no matter if the X-T100 is interesting or not, I will be sleepless and work restlessly on the live blogging on May 24.

So, if you find yourself bored after you…

  • had dinner
  • your kids went sleeping
  • your better half is out for an evening with friends
  • your favorite TV show ended
  • you finished cleaning the windows of your apartment

… then you are invited to join our live blogging on May 24 and to follow us on Facebook, RSS-feed, Twitter.

It won’t be the most epic of all announcements, but there are some things that might still be interesting and indicate some future features also of high-end Fuji cameras, like the “newly designed 3-way tilt screen”. And then, who knows… maybe there will be some big surprises too :) .

In any case you can count on me: I am 100% focussed and ready for a non stop live blogging… no matter what comes.

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