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Fujifilm X-Pro Line Discontinued? Let’s Clarify it in View of a Possible Fujifilm X-Pro4


I recently reported that the Fujifilm X-Pro3 was discontinued at several stores and also Fujifilm distributors in some countries said the same. You can read more here.

This news kind of took a life of its own, as now people go around saying that FujiRumors said the X-Pro line had been discontinued.

So let me clarify.

The news was only about the X-Pro3 being discontinued, not the entire X-Pro line.

So, FujiRumors never said the X-Pro4 will never come.

On the contrary. Personally I believe there will be an X-Pro4. Not because of rumors and whispers, but because Fujifilm itself has mentioned it as one of the camera lines that will continue (also in this case).

The X-Pro line, so says Fujifilm, will be the refined luxury line of Fujifilm. I don’t know what they exactly mean by that, but certainly it sounds expensive. And probably they will continue to make brave design choices that will give it a very exclusive feel. But it’s pure guesswork of mine.

Anyway, that’s why I think there will be one day a Fujifilm X-Pro4.

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