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Fujifilm X Lab Episode 2: The ACROS Magic, Fuji X-T3 Autofocus Regrets, Kaizen Updates and Looking Forward to X Series Future


Fujifilm just published the second episode of their X Lab series (you can see the first one here).

It’s again in Japanese, and google translate struggles, with cryptic translations.

Luckily also this time a fellow Japanese speaking FR-reader translated it for us (thanks!).

Fujifilm X Tech Talk Transcript

Mr. Ueno (Product Planner)

  • I’m curious if there are any regrets among you?


  • We will continue reflecting on the X Series development. Have there been any regrets?

Mr. Uchida (AF)

  • For X-T3, we wanted to improve autofocus speeds, including during continuous shooting.
  • We could not achieve this as much as we wanted due to other priorities, as this was the first full sensor phase detect AF.
  • What was achieved in X-T4 was what we wanted.

Mr. Ueno

  • Though we cannot make excuses, meeting the product launch deadline can be difficult, and there are understandable limitations.
  • Ideally there are many tasks that you want to do by launch, but to accomplish those, the product could take 5 years, which is not a feasible thought.
  • We must realize what the users want, and prioritize depending on that.
  • How about regrets in image development, though I feel like there aren’t any?

Mr. Irie (IQ)

  • Nothing that I felt was unfinished, but there is one regret.
  • We introduced Acros with X-Pro2 — this was not just a filter where random noise is injected.
  • Acros’ processing was converting sensor noise into film noise.
    • Mr. Ueno comment: And you didn’t even mention it to us about this until it was done.
  • This is an Acros-specific process, and the burden on the development team increased quite a lot, which I half regret.

Mr. Ueno

  • That work for Acros was appreciated by many — I had heard many user requests to create a B&W specific X-Pro2.
  • Discussion with various product development groups in Japan and overseas, they all said Fuji has Acros.
  • Pros have a need for either color or B&W in any given situation, and everyone stated that having 2 separate models just did not make sense, so we were asked to push forward with this reasoning.
  • I think the fact that this was a topic of discussion shows the profound effect of Acros in B&W photography.
  • Let’s move onto firmware.

Mr. Mizuta (FW)

  • Not being able to meet everyone’s needs and requests, both from devs and users, and the fact that this continues…this is difficult, but I still need to be optimistic.
    • Mr. Ueno comment: FW updates have become a part of Fujifilm. Older models have received updates, such as film sims, AF improvements. The customers have had to spend a lot, and we should provide improvements to allow them to use the product longer. This is something FW development can be proud of.
  • Many might not realize, regarding products with sensors and processors that are the same between models.
    • Mr. Ueno comment: Yes I hear this a lot…people say, “it’s just copy/paste right?”
  • There are slight nuances between products so this is not the case.
  • A lot of fine tuning is actually involved, and the team must reconvene for these updates.


  • What is the future outlook for the X Series?

Mr. Uchida

  • I want to make AF able to take any scene, and the scene needs to be in focus when the finger is already pushing the shutter button.
  • The shutter button and the brain need to be connected…of course in reality this is not really feasible but that is what I strive for.

Mr. Ueno

  • AF focus is now 0.02s or so — speed is probably fast enough.
  • However, subject movement can be unpredictable, so improving on subject tracking would be favorable.
  • How about IQ?

Mr. Irie

  • Recently GFX has really come into the spotlight.
  • Irregardless of bokeh or sensor size, there is something special about it — there is richness, depth, like whiskey.
  • Image quality had usually been quantifiable/objective and able to be engineered, but I am still unable to grasp the GFX series’ quality.
  • I would like to be able to quantify and engineer the IQ of the GFX into the X.

Mr. Mizuta

  • Everyone has something they want to incorporate into the system — my mission is to be able to answer to those as much as I can.
  • I understand the comments from devs and customers, and I want to do what I can to meet those needs.

Mr. Ueno

  • All the listeners are probably getting their hopes up.
  • Product planning is also looking forward to the future of the X series.
  • Let’s continue to strive to make the X a great camera.

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