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Fujifilm X-E3 Will Have a New Touch Screen (Better than X-T20)


Fujifilm X-E3

You might remember, how a trusted source told us here, that the X-E3 will have some new technologies on the X-E3 that all other X-series cameras don’t have.

Well, it was spot on :)

We already told you here, that bluetooth will be one of those new technologies. And moreover, there will be also a software based novelty, the improved AF-tracking. The improved AF-tracking will come also to other cameras via firmware udpate.

And there is more…

The Fujifilm X-E3 will have a new touch screen. It will be fixed (not tilting) but have some touch functions and possibilities never seen in any other X-series cameras.

Are you excited about the X-E3?

Well, then stay tuned on Fujirumors… I promise you we will have some really fun days, until the launch of the X-E3 and more on September 7 :)

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