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Fujifilm X-E3: No D-Pad, No Shutter/ISO Dial, No Pop-Up Flash, No IBIS… & MORE SPECS


Ok folks, time for a specs update on the Fujifilm X-E3

We already leaked the images of the Fujifilm X-E3 a few weeks ago. However, the images were very low resolution, so not everything was clear to see… and we started to make our speculations.

Now it’s time to confirm (or not) what we saw (or thought to see) in the low resolution images.

  • No pop-up flash (Confirms what all of us thought to see in the low-res leaked images)
  • Full auto switch (Confirms what we some of us thought to see in the low-res leaked images)
  • No shutter/ISO combo dial (Does not confirm what many of us – but not all – thought to see in the low-res leaked images)

So it seems that those of you, who said the leaked X-E3 image is too low resolution to judge if that’s really a shutter/ISO combo dial, were right. I guess I was just hoping for it too much, and my desire brought me to see what was not really there.

Oh yes, that’s an outing! In fact I belong to the Schultzology-sect, a small group of people, who follow the word of Palle Schultz (see his video here) and actually like the combined Shutter/ISO dial. :)

Now let’s move on and give you more updates :)

  • The D-pad is gone
  • max shutter speed 1/4000
  • No IBIS

*** UPDATE: Will Have a NEW Touch Screen ***

With that said, below is the full updated list of rumored X-E3 specs:

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Obvious Fujifilm X-E3 specs

  • 24MP X-Trans III sensor
  • X-Processor Pro
  • Acros film simulation

Rumored Fujifilm X-E3 specs