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Fujifilm Will Launch Professional Support Service Along with the GFX Camera (New Source) :: Pentax 645z Vs. Fuji GFX Size Comparison


The Fujifilm GFX is a camera that definitely appeals to Pro photographers and crafted around their needs. But what Pro’s also absolutely need is Professional Support Service!

Well, I’m pleased to inform you, that according to information I received by a new source, Fujifilm will launch a special Pro service along with the Fujifilm GFX camera. The source did not specify in which countries this service will be available. I’ve updated the Full GFX Specs List based on facts on rumors with this information.

And just saying, Fuji… many Pro also use your X-series cameras (a great system for professional work, too)… I hope you have some nice surprise also for them ;)

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Fuji GFX and the Pentax 645Z side by side. Image by Dominique Schreckling‎ on GFX Facebook group.