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Fujifilm USA New Big X/GFX Deals: Here are My Top 3 Deal Picks and Vote Your Favorites!


Fujifilm USA has just launched huge savings on X/GFX cameras and lenses. You can see the full list of deals here and down below.

But I wanted to highlight 3 deals, that are, in my opinion, the best ones this time around.

  • TOP 1: Fujifilm X-E3 (+bundle options)

Deal Price: $499 for the body / $799 with XF18-55 / $749 with XF23mmF2

As an owner of a lovely X-E3, I can safely say that this is a fantastic camera… IF… you are looking for a really compact interchangeable lens camera system. Sleek and clean design, great performance and frankly just good looking. Don’t buy it if you are left eye dominant (unless you have a Voldemort nose, as Trenton would say), but if you are right eye dominant (like me), then I tell you: this is the camera you want to take with you on travels. Strongest competitor: Fujifilm X-T20.

  • TOP 2: Fujifilm GFX50R with GF 50mm F3.5

Deal Price: GFX50R body $3,499 / GF 50mmF3.5 $499

Maybe some of you might argue that this should be considered the best deal of the Fujifilm Spring Sales. Maybe you are right, but there is a very scientific reason why it has to rank second: FujiRumors is an X-E fanboy ;).

With that said, with the Fujifilm GFX50R you get a relatively compact and high resolution medium format body with a 70% larger sensor than full frame for the same price of a full frame Sony A7rIV. Add to this a little prime lens that is capable of resolving 100+ megapixel images (the GF50mmF3.5) for just $499 and I’d understand if you’d tell me that this is, indeed, the best deal of this round.

  • TOP 3: Fujinon XF200mm f/2

Deal Price: $4,999 (including 1.4x teleconverter)

You know when all the vloggers moaned that there are no “full frame equivalent fast” APS-C lenses“? Well, the Fujinon XF200mmF2 is one of those lenses that made them all happy. And moreover, it performs incredibly well. Matt Granger said it is worth all of its $6,000. But also many others where blown away.

Sure, a lens like this is condemned to be and remain a niche lens. But now, at this price, it’s great value for the money. If you belong to that niche, now it’s a great time to get it.

  • Runner Up: Fujinon XF100-400mm

Deal Price: $1,399

With a hefty $500 rebate, this is a great deal on the longest Fujinon X mount lens you can get.

  • And you?

Do you agree with my list? Let me know and vote the “deal survey” at the bottom of this post.

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