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Fujifilm Spain Displays Camera Roadmap with New “Disruptive” Models Coming in May and September


During the presentation of the Instax Mini 12, Fujifilm Spain displayed a slide showing the Fujifilm camera roadmap, with new models to come in May and September. The Spanish website Fujistas reports:

The presentation […] had an unexpected surprise: a slide that unveiled the camera roadmap in 2023. The graph contrasts the last two new cameras in both Instax and the X Series:

His conclusion: there will be two X series cameras and two Instax cameras coming in the next 7 months.

Since Fujifilm has announced the Fujifilm X Summit for April, Fujistas speculates that the X summit could take place in the final days of April and hence the release of the first camera on the roadmap could be in May.

Fujifilm Spain has described these four novelties as “disruptive”

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