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Fuji Rep Invites Stores to Discount X-Pro2 since “superior X-T2” is coming + MESSAGE to Anonymous Source, Who Handled the X-T2


The “superior” Fujifilm X-T2 is Coming… Ready for X-Pro2 Sales?

Sometimes it’s a matter of being on the right place at the right moment. And this time a FR-reader was the the European Bestbuy equivalent, the tech super-store chain “Mediamarkt” just while a Fuji Rep was talking with the Seller about the X-T2.

Before I go ahead, I’ll just say that the source didn’t make up this story. You don’t have to know how I can be sure about this… just trust me that the source could proof the story is true ;)

So what did the Fuji Rep say? Well, he recommended to discount Fujifilm X-Pro2 cameras, because the Fujifilm X-T2 is coming and it will be “superior in many aspects“.

Message to a Source

I use this post to send a Message, to a reliable anonmyous Source with Nick-Name, who handled the X-T2.

Yes, I always have more questions about it. The biggest one now is: how much will the Fujifilm X-T2 cost and when will it be available?

But as you might understand, I can’t make all the question always in public via FujiRumors. Writing blog posts on FujiRumors in order to talk to each other is not really the best way, especially when it comes to delicate stuff like rumors I’m working on. I prefer these things have to happen behind the scenes before it goes online.

You could use your private email, twitter or facebook account (I’d obviously keep your identity 110% secret). Or maybe create a fake email account for this purpose.

Think about it… and in any case thanks a lot for sharing always reliable rumors. You help me a lot… and even if you decide just to use the rumor box, we will try to find a balance between the confidential rumor work behind the scenes and the public comunication. That said: a direct talk & information exchange behind the scenes would make things a lot easier for me, and I could share with you better what I’m working on.

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