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Fujifilm, Panasonic & Toshiba to make common announcement before mid-September: New Sensor to be Announced?


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There is a rumor relating to Fujifilm, from the Chinese forum dc.home (translation). It has been spread by joofei, whom you probably still remember from the Wild Rumor Series (wild rumors 1, wild rumors 2 and wild rumors 3).

Joofei says, that Fujifilm, Panasonic & Toshiba are going to announce something before mid-September 2015… and once more, wild guesses started, related to organic sensor or the rumored Medium Format camera.

Everything joofei shared so far, has still be verified. So take it with the mandatory grain of salt.


TOSHIBA: Fujifilm is already cooperating with Toshiba… they make the Fuji X-Trans 2/3 sensors

PANASONIC: Fujifilm is cooperating with Panasonic on the Organic Sensor


Is it possible, that these 3 companies joined forces to break Sony’s sensor hegemony? I don’t know, and we will probably soon see if joofei is reliable or not.

But today I want to share with you an older rumor, which I never shared in the past (yeah, I know, my obsession for beeing as reliable as possible ;) ).

The rumor I’ve received said, that the next generation of X-Trans sensor will be made by Toshiba (until now, Fuji’s APS-C sensors are made by Sony). This partnership change should be the reason for the delay of the X-PRO2.

It’s anonymous, so take it with a grain of salt. I share it today, because it could be another element of discussion in addition to what joofei said at the Forum. Anyway, since I’ve shared the Toshiba rumor, I’ll include it now into my big rumor check.

So, time again for wild specualtions !

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