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Fujifilm Finds Temporary Work Around for GFX100S/GFX50SII Exposure Compensation Bug (via FujiRumors ;) )


Yesterday Fujifilm released a statement, where they acknowledge the exposure compensation bug introduced on Fujifilm GFX100S and GFX50SII with the latest firmware and they said a fix will be out on May 31.

Of course FujiRumors reported about it yesterday, but we also suggested a temporary workaround based on a recommendation that came from one of our fellow Fujifilm GFX users members here.

Well, it looks like Fujifilm read our article and has now updated their statement suggesting the very same workaround.

The exposure compensation can be used by changing the [EXPO. COMP. BUTTON SETTING] to [ON/OFF SWITCH], which will be the temporary workaround until the revised firmware is released.
*The menu flow to make the above setting is as follows.

Always happy to help, Fujifilm :)

And thanks again to our amazing Fujifilm GFX group and Carlos in this case! You made it into an official Fujifilm press note.

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