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Fujifilm CEO Teiichi Goto: “We Have Found a New Gold Mine in the Photography Business”


The Japanese website newswitch posted an article, where they talk about the recovery of the camera market.

In that article, they quote the Fujifilm CEO Teiichi Goto, who said that they have found a new gold mine in the photography business.

“The photography business was a stagnant business, but I found a new ‘gold mine’.”

Teiichi Goto, president of Fujifilm Holdings (HD), shows signs of success. The operating income of the Imaging segment in fiscal 2022 is expected to increase to 72.9 billion yen, which is approximately double that of the previous fiscal year.

The company’s Imaging segment includes the instant camera “Cheki” [admin note: known as INSTAX outside of Asia] and the digital camera “X series.” In particular, it seems that the promotion of digitization, starting with the smartphone printer “Link Series,” contributed to the increase in earnings.

Once again, it’s the myriad of Instax products that fuels Fujifilm’s imaging division with money.

But we have seen in the latest financial reports, that also the digital camera business performed well and contributed to the strong growth.

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via newswitch via digicame-info