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Fujifilm currently focusing on development of compact WR lenses instead of XF33mmF1.0! Smart Move? Vote the POLL!


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Official Lens Roadmaps are something you should always take with a grain of salt. We have seem many times how Fuji can change specs of lenses as well as the expected release indicated on the roadmap anytime.

Moreover, as you have seen with the 2.0x Teleconverter, not every lens Fuji announces appeared previously in the roadmap (only in our rumored roadmap).

Roadmaps are never something definitive since Fuji changes its plans often… very often! But as far as I can, I’ll try to keep you updated with the latest plans.

XF33mmF1.0 Recap

One year ago, in April 2015, a New Source told us that Fujifilm is considering to produce a Super-Fast F1.0 lens around 30mm. At that time, the decision was not final, as a source told us in May 2015, who also confirmed it to be a 33mm lens. Finally, back in October 2015, another source told us that Fuji decided to go ahead and make it.

But in the past we have seen too many times Fujifilm scrapping plans on products that almost materialize, so take it with a grain of salt. In any case, I do not expect this lens to hit the market in 2016, read why here.

XF33mmF1.0 Vs. Compact WR lenses

Today I have an update for you.

I had a chat with a source (right in the past), who told me that Fuji is apparently not really in a hurry to make the XF33mmF1.0, because they consider it a priority to launch more compact and weather resistant versions of existing lenses (like the rumored soon to come XF23mmF2 – read more here). The very positive response of the X-shooter community to the XF35mmF2 might have helped Fuji to take this decision.

If true, would this be a good choice? What would you prefer Fuji to focus on first: more small compact Weather Resistant lenses (like the rumored XF23mmF2) or should the XF33mmF1.0 be the priority? Drop your vote in the Poll below… I’m sure Fujifilm Tokyo will be very interested in the results.

More details about Fuji’s latest rumored roadmap here.

stay tuned for more,
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