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Fuji Vs. Fuji :: The Film Simulation (R)-Evolution :: All FS Improved :: See Conventional Velvia Vs. X-Pro2 Velvia!


The New Film Simulation ACROS, introduced with the Fuji X-Pro2, was a full success. Photographers love it and some call it even “a game changer”. But that’s not all.

As we know since this Fuji Manager interview here, Fujifilm also tweaked all the other film simulations. The capabilities of the new X-Pro2 sensor/processor combo allowed Fuji to evolve and improve every film simulation, and in particular Velvia, as you can see from the sample shared above.

Here is the more technical explanation:

That vivid Velvia color is still maintained, but the change in color is more expressive with the new algorithm. You can say that it has more “depth”.

The image designing and its algorithm for the X-Pro2 use a new method for converting the raw signals. To create an image, it picks up signals that were not previously picked up. The camera got “better” at extracting information from the raw signals. ┬áSo as a result, it can express more detail without supersaturation. It extracts only the needed elements for the “human eye” and “photograph” so it doesn’t affect the image quality.

But we need to balance out the image processing and the processor capability. We wanted to do the same processing for X-T1 and X-Pro1, but the algorithm was too complex that the previous processor was not powerful enough. We could not implement the image processing up until now.

Maybe we could have installed it. But that would be with the compromise on the unrealistic processing time. You would have to wait several seconds before you can take another. Another compromise would be that the images are no longer “What you see is what you get”. Either way, we would not allow such camera.

You can read more about it at fujifilm-x