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Fuji Guys Introduce X-A7/X-T200 Webcam Feature and FujiRumors Explains the Difference with Fujifilm X Webcam Software


While probably many of you were sleeping, Fujifilm made two things happen:

Now the Fuji Guys have released a follow up video to the new X-T200 and X-A7 webcam feature, that you can see down below.

Here is what they say about the new X-A7/X-T200 webcam feature (not to mistake with Fujifilm X webcam software).

  • supports a universal USB video format, meaning it’s a true plug-and-play
  • change only one setting in camera to make it work (Connection Settings USB mode USB webcam)
  • connect camera and it automatically gets detected by your computer
  • works for Windows or Mac
  • you can’t use film simulation or other video parameters
  • no control over autofocus, it is automatically set to continuous with face and eye detection enabled
  • works also with OBS
  • no power provided to camera while connected to computer
  • fully charged battery gives you 2 hours of usage
  • best use a battery coupler
  • AF assist lamp on the front of the camera will turn on when battery power is low
  • no audio when camera is connected to computer. Best pick up a high quality microphone
  • max. 720p @ 30p

Down below you can read what is different by using Fujifilm X Webcam compared to the X-A7/X-T200 solution described above.

  • You must install the Fujifilm X webcam software in order to use your X/GFX camera as a webcam
  • more settings to change in camera: set drive dial to “S”, in connection settings set USB-AUTO, set Pre-AF ON for focus, recommended setting is Single AF
  • you can enable face/eye detection if you want (but also keep it disabled)
  • you can select film simulation
  • video quality: XGA (1024 x 768)
  • does not support OBS (but we reported about a workaround)

So, Fujifilm X Webcam gives you still more control, but given how reliable Fuji’s eye autofocus has become (and I talk from experience, as I used it a lot for my video-online lessons), I would feel totally confident to go full auto.

However, having a webcam that outputs ETERNA and higher qualiy video is great.

So, between the two, I’d still go with Fujifilm X webcam, and make the few extra setting changes in camera.

But hey, let me know what you guys prefer by voting the survey down below:

Using Fujifilm Cameras as a Webcam... my Prefered Solution is:

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