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Fujifilm X Webcam: How to Use Your Fujifilm Camera with OBS and Fujifilm X Webcam on Linux


When Fujifilm released the new Fujifilm X Webcam software many Fujifilm X shooter rightfully rejoiced. However, there were two main complaints in the comments:

In the video below (start at 5:30) Fenix Tech shows a “hacky solution” on how to use your Fujifilm camera as a webcam with OBS.

I did a 2.5 hour stream and the battery only lost 33-50%

Check out the video below to see how to set it up.

by Tormod:

Hi! The recent webcam software finally made my XT-3 also work (well) as a webcam on Linux. Fantastic!

It has always worked (somewhat) using the gphoto2 software as described in (not my article).
But, the resolution was 640×480, so it was not usable for anything.

Now, after testing on a Linux laptop with the official webcam driver, the resolution is magically updated on Linux as well! The software must have changed a setting on the camera :-) Now—with the exact same gphoto2 command—I get 1024×768 output on Linux (same as I got on Windows 10). This is only 0.8 MP, but the sharpness and overall quality is miles ahead of the integrated laptop webcam.

Other Linux users: If you run “gphoto2 –list-all-config” to get camera settings *before* using the Windows software to change the camera setting, and then run the same command *after* (when the resolution is updated), it may be possible to figure out exactly which setting that changed, so this can be easily controlled from Linux without needing a Windows laptop.

PS: I tested on Ubuntu 20.04 version on a Dell XPS13 9370 laptop
PPS: I suspect the Mac OS solution is also using gphoto2 behind the covers, somehow.