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Fringer EF-FX II Smart Adapter Released


Fringer has released an updated version of the original Fringer EF-FX smart autofocus adapter, the Fringer EF-FXII (not to mistake with the more expensive Fringer EF-FX Pro II).

The Pro version has a built-in aperture ring, whereas on the non-Pro version version you have to set aperture using the command dial on the camera body.

Here are the main features:

  • Allows an EF- or EF-S-mount lens to be used on a Fujifilm X-mount camera
  • Supports electronic communication to enable image stabilization, autofocus, as well as auto exposure features
  • Can transfer Exif data from lens to camera, saving aperture, speed, and time of capture information to image or video files
  • Metal alloy construction provides a lightweight and durable camera-to-lens connection
  • Brass lens mounting ring to prevent wear and tear

You can get the Fringer adapters:

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