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FALSE ALARM: Fujinon XF16-80mmF4 Coming 2019 and not 2018 Say FujiRumors Sources


Yesterday we published the email of a Cameranu (a big and official Fujifilm retailer), who said to their customers, the XF16-80mmF4 will ship in November 2018.

I guess Camernu does not make up some stuff just to fool their customers and take early pre-orders. So I see two options:

  • their Fujifilm rep told them so, and they passed this information to their customers
  • Cameranu (or the Fuji Rep) is confused, and mistake the XF8-16 (which will ship in November) with the XF16-80

Anyway, after yesterday’s Cameranu rumor, our sources quickly dropped me messages and told me that Cameranu is sharing incorrect information. The Fujinon XF16-80mmF4 as well as the XF16mmF2.8 are scheduled for 2019 release, as Fujifilm says in their latest roadmap.

So guys, we all hoped, and now I guess we are all back with our feet on reality. But it was nice for as long as it lasted.

I’d like to thank our fantastic sources, who corrected the inaccurate Cameranu information within less than 24 hours. You are my best guide through the rumor jungle :).

have a GREAT day,
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