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DPRTV: Fujifilm’s 5 Best Film Simulations


Fujifilm film simulations are more than just cool names for camera profiles.

Film simulations are the art of the colors that Fujifilm cultivates since decades, so far that the guy, who developed the original Fujifilm film stock already 50 years ago, still works at Fujifilm and is now in charge of crafting the film simulations.

So, colors are a serious thing for Fujifilm and you can see what you can do with them over at our Fujifilm film simulation group.

Now DPRTV published a video, where they go over what they consider the 5 best Fujifilm film simulations.

  1. Monochrome: He prefers it over Acros.
  2. Provia: Standard camera mode. Good standard profile. Does not push things too far. Great skin tones.
  3. Classic Neg: Great for street photography. Distorts reality, but not in a gimmicky way. Great for street scenes, knocks shadows down and makes street scenes look very dramatic, takes away some color and gives a nice vintage look. Aged, rugged look.
  4. Velvia: great for landscapes. Gives contrast and vibrancy. Can add some punchy drama to colors that are faded and muted. Adds a bit of magenta to blue skies, which can be really pleasing in landscape photos. Not great for skin tones
  5. Nostalig Neg: available only on GFX100S and GFX100. Mimics that classic American film stock from the 70s (Kodachrome etc.). Lower contrast but still rich saturation, warm colors.

For Video:

  • Eterna: For video an almost perfect profile. Very easy to grade. When he shoots high contrast scenes, he shoots F-Log, but in post he will immediately put an Eterna LUT on the file. Jordan loves Eterna

Where I don’t agree, is when they say ASTIA is boring. In fact, it is actually one of my top favorite film simulation, because it gives me a great balance between pleasing skin tones and vivid, but not oversaturated colors. I use ASTIA almost always when I take landscape images with people in the frame. I find it gives me the best results, better than Velvia, which is not great for skin tones.

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