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DPRTV Fujifilm X-T5 Final Review: The True Successor to the Fujifilm X-T3


DPRTV published their final review of the Fujifilm X-T5. Down below you find the video and a summary.

DPRTV review:

  • more compact X-T3 alike body, but a bit bigger grip
  • still holds well with bigger lenses
  • it’s his favourite handling Fujifilm body so far
  • highest resolution on APS-C
  • fantastic colors and color profiles
  • low light is excellent on this 40MP sensor
  • if you look at it pixel per pixel vs the 26MP sensors, you might notice the 40MP is noisier
  • but we have these extra megapixel, and if you look at the same viewing size it’s not really going to cost you anything in terms of low light performance
  • at very extreme ISO you’ll see slightly better noise performance on the lower res sensor, but it is still minimal and he’d rather have the extra megapixel
  • dynamic range: thanks to lower base ISO this sensor has really good ability to push shadows
  • best dynamic range of any Fujifilm camera
  • weakness of this sensor is readout speed. It’s BSI but not stacked
  • Electronic shutter readout
    – X-T5 = 37ms
    – X-H2s = 6ms
    – X-T4 = 25ms
  • slower readout even than X-T4
  • you have 15fps bursts in mechanical shutter vs the 13fps in electronic
  • one of the best mechanical shutter he has ever used: quiet, stable, does not move camera even when shooting rapidly
  • Manual focus: not great punch-in magnifier, quite mushy and soft. Really hard to get fine focus
  • very effective face/eye detection for portraits on slow moving subjects, great accuracy on the iris
  • 15fps tracking on Jordan running: does a fairly good job, but there are a few shots where it focuses on his body rather than on his face
  • once Jordan got closer to the camera, he was impressed and the X-T5 did a really good job
  • overall a decent autofocusing camera
  • tracking box: with static subjects it can work very well. Focus, lock on subject and recompose. But there are occasions where it jumps to busy background
  • it does not happen often, but when it happens, he has to refocus and recompose
  • Sony and Canon have slightly better autofocus
  • X-H2 and X-T5 have same sensor, but very different video performance
  • full width sensor 4K readout on the X-T5 is sub-sampled, so it has less details and worst low light performance than the oversampled 4K HQ of the X-H2
  • 4K/60p has a slight crop
  • X-T5 has a 4K HQ mode (downsampled from 6K), but this has a huge crop (the area used is slightly larger than the one of a M43 sensor)
  • suffers rolling shutter in oversampled modes
  • stability errors when shooting longer video clips (no stability problems in stills mode)
  • overheating is not so an issue. Stability is more of an issue in video (writing errors can occur)
  • if you care about video, then it is absolutely worth to get the Fujifilm X-H2
  • it’s really a photographers camera. Very functional and very good looking, a little bit more compact
  • X-T5 is the true successor to the X-T3
  • one of Chris’ APS-C cameras as far as image quality goes

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