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DPRTV Fujifilm GFX100 First Impressions: Autofocus Feels Like X-T3, Versatile Medium Format


Fujifilm GFX100

DPReview has published their Fujifilm GFX100 first impressions review.

Here is what they say (video below):

  • they make fun of Fujifilm calling the sensor “large format”
  • large and heavy, but compared to Canon 1DX it is lighter
  • very comfortable and secure hand grip
  • the vertical grip is not so good. Not rubberized, thinner metal design and hard edges. Makes camera look slim, but not ideal ergonomically
  • There is some talk there will be a rubberized attachment for the vertical grip, but this will add bulk and expense
  • Next to top LCD panel there is a button. Click it to switch between shutter and aperture priority
  • High resolution EVF allows you to magnify your view up to 24 times, great if you want to make sure you nailed focus
  • big and heavy, not ideal walk-around camera for the street
  • impressive autofocus, very akin to a Fujifilm X-T3
  • face and eye detection is quick and responsive
  • 16bit RAW drops your framerate at 2fps
  • 14 bit RAW mechanical shutter goes up to 5fps
  • GFX100 is not made for high buffer rates and fast shooting
  • it needs to be on a tripod to get the most out of its 100 megapixel resolution
  • electronic first curtain shutter option, well dampened mechanical shutter and IBIS open up a lot more handheld shooting possibilities
  • dual gain sensor gives you better low light performance and dynamic range than other medium format sensors
  • the GFX50 megapixel sensor, once cropped, does not give you big resolution advantage over full frame
  • you can crop Fujifilm GFX100 to different aspect ratios, and you still get a big resolution improvement over full frame
  • 4×3 = 102 MP
  • 1×1 = 72 MP
  • 2×3 = 85 MP
  • 16×9 = 72MP
  • sensor scanrate is 1/6 of a second, relatively slow
  • using electronic shutter, rolling shutter is bad. Lots of distortion when panning. For handheld movements better use only mechanical shutter
  • not a vlogging camera, but for other video work it is “shockingly competent“, with great video specs
  • in video, IBIS works great for stationary shots. Might get a little bit jumpy when you do quick pans or tilts
  • eye and face detect work in video as well
  • Video scan is much better than what you see in photo, probably because some sort of line skipping or pixel binning to make sensor scan rate faster
  • rolling shutter in video is still an issue, though, when you make a quicker pan
  • GFX100 does a nice job in video, but for dedicated video use, there are better options at this price point
  • low light performance and dynamic range probably better than a lot of full frame cameras on the market [due to beta firmware, they can’t really comment on image quality]
  • usually medium format is limited in use, but the GFX100 has a lot of versatility
  • for sports, action and journalism, they still recommend faster cameras with smaller sensors

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