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DPReviewTV Fujifilm XF 70-300mm F4-5.6 Review


DPRTV posted their Fujinon XF70-300mmF4-5.6 review.

If you are in a hurry, the summary can be found below


  • 105-450 in full frame
  • 67mm filterd
  • light and plasticy design
  • full weather sealing
  • build quality of other XF lenses
  • focus limiter
  • you can lock it at 70mm so the lens does not slide out when you walk around
  • to unlock it simply zoom in and it unlocks. It’s nice, speeds things up, no worry to fiddle with switches
  • silent linear motor with focus limiter option
  • nice and snappy autofocus
  • has OIS of 5.5 stops and works in conjunction with IBIS
  • almost no breathing, great for cineman
  • LoCA is minimal
  • 1:2 Macro reproduction
  • even though it is not a very fast lens, the fact it has the telephoto range and can focus so close, can give nice soft blurry background
  • pretty heavy cats eye bokeh wide open. Much rounder bokeh when stopped down
  • wild bokeh wide open. Quite distracting onion rings. Not a problem for sports and wildlife, but if you have specular highlights it’s more an issue
  • no flare issue
  • sunstars pretty good
  • 70mmF4 very nice sharpness. Stopped down improves a bit. Lens performs nicely
  • 300mmF5.6 nice and sharp. No problem to shoot this lens wide open
  • Good and consistent throughout the range, with only minor softness in the corners
  • you can add the 1.4x TC and 2.0x TC. AF performance remains quite snappy with minor image quality loss with the 1.4x TC but gets pretty slow with the 2.0x TC
  • it replaces the XF55-200mm