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DPReviewTV: Fujifilm ACROS II Film Review vs. ACROS Film Simulation


DPReview TV tested the new Fujifilm Acros II film, and compared it also with the much loved Acros film simulation we find on our Fujifilm X and GFX series cameras.

You can see the video below. Here are their findings summed up.

  • He loads the film in his Nikon FE
  • to develop the film he uses a black and white film developer, the Ilford Ilfostop Stop Bath (instead of just using water) and the Ilford Rapid Fixed
  • Chris likes ACROS II more than the original ACROS. It seems that Acros II has a little bit more contrast and punch. Sharpness, detail and grain structure look the same
  • Chris always thought that the normal monochrome film simulation on Fujifilm cameras looked closer to the original Acros film, than the digital Acros film simulation itself
  • comparing the Acros in X-T3 with the new Acros II film, the digital Acros has much more contrast, deeper shadows and brighter highlights. Tonal range and grain structure is differnt too
  • he likes the Acros II film a bit more for skin tones
  • he gets sharper results with his digital Fujifilm camera, as it has a big resolution advantage
  • they look quite far apart. But the digital film has a very distinct look to it, so has also the Acros film
  • they pushed the Acros II film at ISO 400 (2 stops), and they got lots more contrast but still very sharp and quite beautiful. A very usable film to push at 400
  • pushed at 400, the film reminds him more at the Fujifilm Acros film simulation
  • very versatile film
  • digital and film keep having a totally different look

Acros film can be purchased at BHphoto.

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