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CP+ German XF Hands-On video: “XF 100-400 probable aperture range from f/5 to f/5.6 to make it more compact”



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ValueTechTV shared 2 short video presentations of some unreleased lenses at (Part1 –  Part2).

For non-German speaking FR-readers, here are what I consider the most interesting things they say:

Part 1: The XF35mmF2 will come end of 2015. It’s smaller than the 35mmF1.4, which is very good if you look through the OVF, so the lens protrudes less into the viewfinder. [admin: the journalist probably just forgot to add: “ if you look through the OVF… of the X-PRO2” ;) ]

Part 2: ValueTechTV says that the XF 100-400 was delayed, because Fuji decided to change the aperture range at the wide end [mock-ups at photokina showed an aperture range from F4 to F5.6]. Always according to ValueTechTV, Fuji is still “experimenting”, but it will have more or less a range that goes from F5 to F5.6 in order to make it more compact.


X-Mount Filter Lens video  mounted on a X-A2