There is still hope: X100 firmware update could come!

130,000! That’s the number of photographers who purchased the [shoplink 15293 ebay]Fujifilm X100[/shoplink]. As you know, the other X-series cameras are constantly improved via firmware update, getting faster autofocus, focus peaking and much more (read the “amazing evolution of the X-PRO1” article here), but X100 owners were not that lucky lately. Well, it seems that there is still hope…

At dpreview user Mistur said: “There will be an update for the X100 that will add approximately 50% of the 72 new features found in the X100s. While there has been no official announcement yet, I heard about it at a recent Fuji event for the X-M1.”

Now, take this rumor cum grano salis ;).

No FR-source could confirm these rumors until now, but I suppose that an update for the good old X100 is nothing like improbable. But will there be really so many improvements as suggested by Mistur on dpreview?

As a reminder, here is the list of the actually 70 improvements of the X100S over the X100 (read also this post here). Choose the top improvements you’d like to see on your X100.

thanks for giving me these hints, Lukas

Fuji X100: [shopcountry 15293]

1. 16-megapixel sensor, up from 12-megapixel
2. X-Trans CMOS II sensor eliminates the need for an Optical Low Pass Filter.
3. The resolution has improved.
4. S/N ratio has improved by over 30%.
5. Phase detection pixels allow 0.08 sec Auto focus
6. 1080p 60fps/30fps full HD movie
7. Improved start-up time. From 2.0sec to 0.5sec
8. Continuous Shooting from 5fps up to 6fps
9. Number of consecutive frames while using Continuous Shooting from 10 frames to 31 frames
10. Improved Shooting Interval from 0.9 seconds down to 0.5 seconds.
11. EXR Processor II Lens Modulation Optimiser reduces diffraction phenomenon and peripheral aberrations.
12. EXR Processor II features X-Trans processing & new noise reduction.
13. Outputs 14bit RAW files.
14. EVF has a 2.35 mil dot LCD.
15. A new protective coating on the surface of the viewfinder window prevents fingerprints and smudging.
16. The handling and response on focus ring has been improved.
17. The shooting range of the OVF has been expanded from 80cm to infinity, to 50cm to infinity.
18. The world’s first Digital Split Image Manual Focus system. It uses the phase detection to show assist accurate focussing.
19. Focus Peak Highlight function helps you to check the focal plane.
20. In Movie Shooting, it is possible to choose 3 kinds of focusing modes MF/ AF-C and AF-S.
21. Expanded AF shooting range from  40cm – infinity (X100) to 21cm – infinity (X100S). (not on Macro mode)
22. Quick (Q) Button for speed and instant access to shooting menus.
23. Multi Tab Menu easy and fast navigation.
24. Two new Film simulation functions added: Pro Neg.Std and Pro Neg. Hi.
25. F-simulation bracketing function – one shot can produce 3 different Film Simulation effects which can be pre-set.
26. ‘Advanced filter’ mode has been installed as standard.
27. Multi Exposure function. While viewing your first shot on the EVF or LCD as an overlay, you can shoot a second shot.
28. Shutter Counter counts every 100 times the shutter closes. (This not only counts shots taken, but also when the camera is turned on/off and put into playback mode)
29. The shape of the viewfinder window has been changed to help prevent dust build-up.
30. Strap attachment rings are reinforced with an inside stainless-steel layer.
31. Improved the shape of the Viewfinder lever.
32. Improved the layout of the Focus lever (goes MF > AF-C > AF-S now)
33. Improved the operability of the MENU/OK button.
34. Improved shape of the Q button.(was previously the RAW button)
35. Improved the shape of the Front Ring.
36. Improved the torque of the exposure dial.
37. Improved layout of the shutter speed dial.
38. Improved the design of the Battery-chamber.
39. Improved the shape of the Hot shoe.
40. Max ISO from 3200 to 6400 (ISO AUTO Mode)
41. WB shift available in any mode.
42. Variation of aspect ratio 3:2, 16:9, and 1:1.
43. Improved live view with wide aperture in MF shooting
44. Ability to reset the shooting menu and set-up separately.
45. No formatting on the setting when updating firmware.
46. Change the default LCD information setting -> standard.
47. Reset function added for every custom mode.
48. Added information on all F-simulation modes.
49. Added functionality allowing ‘MARK FOR UPLOAD TO’
50. Supports Eye-fi memory cards.
51. When you hold down the Q-button in the Q-menu it’s a short-cut function to edit and save.
52. Ability to set ISO-AUTO with Base and Limit ISO and Min. shutter speed in ISO menu.
53. Change the location of AF area select button.
54. Change the sub-function of  AF area select button.
55. Change the sub-function of AE button.
56. Add the sub-function of Fn button.
57. In low light scenes the LCD display is smooth.
58. After releasing the shutter button, the camera will immediately switch to playback mode.
59. After releasing the shutter button you can now immediately use some keys.
60. When holding shutter button, the LCD doesn’t freeze.
61. In Post-viewing after OVF shooting, the eye sensor works.
62. Supports external microphone.
63. Changed Flash settings including External Flash in right key.
64. The ND filter is now available in panorama mode.
65. Faster writing speed to SD memory cards.
66. Phase detection Autofocus now works during movie recording.
67. Added ‘ MF distance indicator ‘ in Display custom setting.
68. After half-pressing the shutter release in manual exposure mode, the live view displays the actual exposure level
69. Hot shoe shape was changed for easy connection to external flash.
70. The “S” badge has been added.

you can read the “Kaizen” posts 1, 2, 3 on FR

 photo neukai_zpsdd2d4b62.png

Fujifilm X-A1: name registered at the Korean radio research agency!

 photo X-A1_zps7af54091.png

So it seems that the new (and trusted) Japanese FR-source was right also this time. The next APS-C X-mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera of Fuji will indeed be called X-A1 (read the rumor here). The name has just been registered at the Korean national radio research agency (spotted by digicame-info)

I’ve used google translator to translate the Korean text. The X-A1 will be equipped with wireless technology (approved by the radio research agency) “Specific low power wireless device (wireless devices for wireless data communication system)” and after the X-M1, now also the X-A1 will be produced in Thailand: “Country of origin Thailand

According to the rumors already published on FR, this camera will be cheaper than the [shoplink 13828]X-M1[/shoplink], it won’t have an X-Trans sensor (and also not the X100 sensor), will come in a lot of colours and will be sold by big retailers on the web and big general stores.

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spotted by digicame-infoKorean national radio research agency

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First real image of the XF 23mm?

 photo 23_zpse2276947.png

Is this the first real image of the XF 23mm?

I’ve just received an email from FR-reader Dean. He spotted at top of Fuji’s new roadmap page an image of an XF lens with distance scale… and it’s definitely not the [shoplink 12888]14mm (specs&price)[/shoplink].

The 14mm has a filter tread of 58mm, but on the edge of this picture there is a clear 62 designated for the filter thread. And so far other than the 14mm there is no other lens with a distance scale.

Is this the new XF 23mm expected to be released in October? Take a look at it here at Fuji’s roadmap site.

Thanks a lot Dean for sharing this information with Fujirumors.

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Kaizen: more colours for Focus Peaking in future + Telephoto primes will come + 23mm in October

 photo neukai_zpsdd2d4b62.png

Yesterday, at the Canadian Fuji event, the company gave more informations about the future firmware strategy and new lenses.

Fuji will carry on to improve its products via firmware update. This won’t be the last major firmware update, and all the X-cameras will be constantly improved.

Here is what the upcoming firmware will bring! But what can we expect in future?


  • Download the firmware on July 23rd and you’ll get focus peaking…  In future (not with this update) we can also expect different colours.
  • Fuji listened to us and is working on the long expected minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO, so there is hope it will come in future firmware updates!


  • New tele photo primes will come.
  • The 23mm f/1.4 will be released in October, the 10-24mm in December and the 56mm f/1.2 in January 2014… ALL with aperture ring!

btw, I’m wondering if there is any company before Fujifilm that has uploaded the Focus Peak Highlight on a camera through a firmware update. Do you know one? [FR-readers told me in the comments that Pentax and Sony enabled Focus Peaking via firmware too]

Anyway, Fuji is listening to us and will continue to follow the Kaizen path. That’s great! So all these wish lists on Fujirumors about firmware improvements were not for nothing. Thumbs up for Fuji’s Kaizen-spirit!

So just keep it up guys! What’s next? Face detection could be a useful feature, as a FR-reader suggested in the comments.

Thanks a lot to an anonymous FR reader who shared with me via rumor box this news (original article at can be read here or read his dpreview forum post here.)

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X-A1 and NEW CHEAPER LENSES on the way! + still to wait for the X-PRO2

I’m here again dear readers! I thought you could be interested in the latest rumors bubbling in the FR-kitchen.

A new source shared with me (and with you) the following informations:

1) THE STRATEGY: Fuji won’t replace frenetically its cameras after a short time. The company’s goal now is to extend its offer to new market segments. Therefore there will be new cameras targeting different customers. (a trusted source told me here that, after the X-A1, Fuji plans to release two more cameras this year)

2) THE X-PRO2: Because of this strategy the high end cameras won’t be replaced that soon. (so it seems that the X-PRO2 won’t be one of the two cameras released after the X-A1 this year.)

3) THE NEW LENSES: There will be new cheaper lenses after the 16-50 f/3.5. These lenses will be cheaper because they are slower, but the image quality will remain top-notch because inside all elements are made of quality glass.

4) THE CHEAP 55-200: We will soon have a cheaper 55-200 lens (or something very similar).

5) THE DOUBLE KIT: Fuji could offer the X-A1 with a double zoom kit lens (16-50 and cheap 55-200)

As always, take rumors from new sources with a grain of salt. I’ve already fired off some emails to trusted sources and as soon as I can confirm this rumor I’ll post an update.

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may the focus be with you!

P.S: Oh, and if someone out there reports these rumors on other websites don’t be afraid to quote the source, I have nothing against it ;).

P.P.S.: The Polish site optyczne posted some samples taken with the X-M1 and 16-50, the [shoplink 13646]Zeiss Touit 32mm[/shoplink] and the [shoplink 12892]XF 55-200[/shoplink]. Click here to see them all.

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