Fujifilm X100V vs XF23mmF2 and XF23mmF1.4 :: X100V, A Missed Opportunity :: Why X100V is better than iPhone :: More First Looks

BHphoto video – Introducing the X100V

As you probably know by now (if not, do your homework and check back the X100V live blogging ;) ), the Fujifilm X100V has a new XF23mm f/2 lens, that definitely delivers a significant improvement over the previous lens, which was designed for the 12 megapixel original X100.

Finally Fujifilm updated it. And they did a pretty damn good job.

But how does it compare to the other Fujinon 23mm lenses in Fuji’s offering, the Fujinon XF 23mm f/1.4 and the Fujinon XF23mm f/2?

Well, today we try to investigate this any many more question in a dedicated Fujifilm X100V roundup:

  • ivanjoshualoh – 23mm vs 23mm vs 23mm Shootout
  • techradar – Why the Fujifilm X100V is a better street photography camera than my iPhone 11 Pro
  • digitalcameraworld – Hands on: Fujifilm X100V review
  • dpreview – Why the Fujifilm X100V feels like a missed opportunity

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Fujifilm X100V
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X100V Video Reviews

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Fujifilm X-T3 Autofocus Test: Old Firmware vs New Firmware

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Fujifilm X-T3 firmware

Fujifilm recently released Fujifilm X-T3 firmware 3.20, which promises a noticeable improvement in face and eye autofocus.

If you are looking for feedback, take a loot at the 281 comments in our Fujifilm X-T3 firmware 3.20 article.

Now we have a first autofocus comparison between the Fujifilm X-T3 old vs new firmware.

The video is French by Left side camera old firmware, right camera new firmware.

The video below starts at min. 8.06, which is where you can see both cameras tested side by side.

If somebody speaks French (sadly it’s not one of the 4 languages I speak), it would be great if you could quickly summarize in the comments what he thinks about the new firmware.

UPDATE: here is the translation from one of our readers (thanks)

  • face detection is generally better as it works with smaller (further away) faces, and is more reliable
  • multiple faces are also better handled than before
  • in difficult circumstance (such as somebody wearing glasses, face seen from the side, …) there seems to be no improvement.
  • with 56 XF strange results: new firmware seems to degrade the autofocus performance
  • with 16-80 XF there’s a general improvement
  • tracking remains a bit laggy, no real improvement vs previous version

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DPRTV Compares Fujinon XF 35mm f/2 vs Fujinon XC 35mm f/2

Along with the Fujifilm X-T200, Fujifilm just announced the affordable Fujinon XC35mm f/2.

We did compare both lenses already by the specs sheets, and we saw that they are basically the same, except for the fact that the Fujinon XC 35mm f/2 has no aperture ring, no weather sealing and is made mainly out of plastic.

The good news: it should optically perform like the best selling lens in 2019, the Fujinon XF 35mm f/2.


Well, DPReview TV tested them both, and here is what they say:

  • XC35mm is lighter and more affordable
  • autofocus motor is the same. Both lenses focus fast
  • sharpness is identical in center and in corners. Very good performing lenses
  • bokeh identical
  • fringing identical
  • flare and stunstars are identical
  • skin tones identical
  • XC lens is a bit lighter, but not a difference that is worth to go for XC lens
  • XF lens has a classier look, weather sealing, metal, and aperture ring
  • XC lens comes without lens hood
  • XC lens costs half the money
  • with the extra $200 for the XF 35mmF2 you get quite a lot

Fuji’s best seller now got even more affordable, but personally I’d spend those extra 200 bucks all day long, for having a more solid, weather resistant lens with aperture ring.

But I get the point of it: now and entry level kit with a fixed prime lens got even more affordable.

Join us:

Fujinon XF 35mmF2 vs XC 35mmF2 Size and Specs Comparison – Same Same, But Different

Fujifilm 35mm Battle

Which was the best selling gear among the FujiRumors community in the entire year 2019?

Give it a look… you might find some surpises.

When it comes to best selling overall in 2019, the throne went to the much loved Fujinon XF 35mm f/2.

Well, in just a few hours a new 35 prime will join the Fujinon lineup, the Fujinon XC 35mm f/2.

I decided to take my time during this long sleepless night (don’t ask me in which conditions I’ll go teaching tomorrow :D ), to compare the specs and size.

As you can see below, the optical formula seems to be the same, so I guess we can expect great result also from the Fujinon XC 35mm f/2.

However, the Fujifilm XC 35mm f/2 lacks of the much loved aperture ring.

Also, the Fujinon XC 35mm f/2 is lighter, since it’s made mostly out of plastic (even the lens mount). But that’s the case also in other Fujinon XC lenses.

So same same, but definitely different.

And I have the feeling, that the Fujinon XF35mmf/2 will reign undisturbed also in 2020 among your favorite lenses.

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