Fujifilm X-T4 Firmware 1.02 Tested: This Pro Videographer is Blown Away by Improved IBIS and Wishes the Same for Fujifilm X-H1

Fellow Italian X shooter Mario (who is a professional videomaker, formely shooting Canon, then leaving Canon because he fell in love with the Fujifilm X-H1) has shared a video, where he compares the IBIS on the Fujfiilm X-T4 with firmware 1.01 vs. firmware 1.02.

Now, if you don’t understand Italian, you probably want to see the video samples, and get a summary of what he says…. well, I did it all for you down below. :)

So let me guide you through this, since I am Italian, too :).

Also, fellow German speaking X shooter Pascal shares his feedback about firmware 1.02. Luckily I am also German native speaking, but in this case, Pascal makes the video in English. I’ll include it down below.

He also says “I can’t say any issues that come from the IBIS anymore”.


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Fujifilm X-T4 Video Autofocus Tested: Can You Trust it? Settings Nightmare, Inconsistency and Which XF Lenses Are Best for It

UPDATE: I have just been contacted by FR-readers, and I have been told that the latest firmware 1.02 for Fujifilm X-T4 improved autofocus during video with older lenses. Philip’s video was recorded before that. Would be fantastic if Philip could repeat the test to verify that.

Philip Bloom wonders, can you trust the Fujifilm X-T4 autofocus for video?

In my opinion, Philip did a great job, and this video is very helpful to figure out which lenses are best for video autofocus tracking and especially which settings are best for which lens.

Before the usual video summary, for those of you, who have no time to watch it right now, I’d like to highlight a few things from the video:

  • inconsistency: Some lenses work very well and reliably (such as the XF16-55mmF2.8), other were a complete nightmare (for example XF56mmF1.2)
  • settings nightmare (AF speed + Tracking sensitivity): some settings work great on a certain lens, but use the same settings on another lens, and you get totally different results. You must hence fine tune the settings differently for each lens
  • older lenses: older lenses are clearly not designed for video autofocus. Newer lenses work better
  • pulsing & jumping: that’s an issue that occurs with many XF lenses. On some lenses you can mitigate it a lot by changing settings
  • Confusing Settings: with AF-Speed, the higher you set the number, the faster the AF speed (logical). With tracking sensitivity, the higher the number, the slower it is (not logical).
  • Eye AF: can lose eye easily, especially if you wear glasses
  • Internal vs External recording: Record externally, and you have terrible results. Better record internally for best video autofocus
  • Overall: X-T4 is a fantastic camera (in fact his favorite camera close after the GFX100) and has all the power it needs for great video AF, but it’s the lenses that are holding it back for video AF.

I feel like lots of this is something that Fujifilm could improve via firmware update, even with older lenses, and I am confident Fujifilm will.

I personally used the XF18-55mm a lot for my teaching-vlogging, and it worked well on my X-T4. And in fact the 18-55 is one of the lenses that performed best in Philip’s tests.

Down below you’ll find the summary and the video, so you can see which lens worked best and which settings he recommends.

Philip Bloom did well to highlight all this, and of course here on FujiRumors we report about it, as I believe this is valuable feedback for Fujifilm.

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The Complete Video Summary

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Time for Style… or a Fujifilm X100V Review Roundup

BHphoto video – Introducing the X100V in 3:31 minutes

High time to dedicate a roundup to Fujifilm’s sexiest camera ever: the Fujifilm X100V.

You can find a couple of videos below.

Feel free to:

Video Reviews

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Custom New Fujinon XF27mm f/2.8 Look, Fujinon Zoom Lenses Showdown & More XF Lens Roundup

Fellow FR-reader yukosteel wrote me this:

Here’s one more proof that one of your favorite Fujinon lens is really indestructible : )

It took years since you posted my effort on XF 27mm disassembly (thanks again), that leaded to lots of interesting conversations with other people and more mechanical discovery.

Today I finished one more manual focus mod of XF 27mm with broken electronics.

If you want to see the results, check out yukosteel’s article here.

Down below you can find more Fujinon XF related content.

Fujinon XF Lens Roundup

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