First X PRO 1 review from Norwegen. And plenty of more image samples!

The norwegian website Fotomagasinet (Click here to read the english google translation) posted: “After testing a few hundred cameras in my life, I have become quite spoiled, but the X-PRO1 impressed me. There are of course some things are not quite optimal – we can imagine a better electronic viewfinder, sealing, image stabilization in camera body and of course, better battery life. However, compared with the positive – a camera that is relatively small, discreet, quiet, with stunning picture quality a unique viewfinder and ergonomics that work, the weaknesses quite small in comparison.

ePhotozine posted image samples taken with all three diferent lenses: The 35mm f/1.4 (Click here to see), The 18mm f/2.0 (Click here to see), The 60mm macro (Click here to see). Also Photographyblog (Click here) posted a set of photos. A hands-on review has been posted at Amateur Photographer (Click here).


New Fuji X PRO 1 tests!

Our readers keep sending me more and more news about the X PRO 1. Here are the latest two:

1) “Image samples from Fujifilm X-Pro1 (not pre-production!) showing ISO-performance and center/corner sharpess of the 18 mm and 35 mm lenses:
Norwegian words:
Senterskarphet = center sharpness
Hjørneskarphet = corner sharpness

2) “I am a professional wedding/portrait/travel photographer in Canada who has been recently engaged by Fujifilm Canada to shoot some promotional images with a pre-preproduction X-Pro 1 for their upcoming product launch in Canada. They have also asked me to provide feedback about the camera system to them.
They have asked me not to share any images I shoot (yet) as they want to present them to the press/public at the product launch, however, they gave me permission to discuss my thoughts about the camera.
I have written a “working review” as I have been using the camera for a week in my studio on live client work. Fujifilm really wanted to know how the camera performs on the job, so I approached my review from that “working photographer” perspective.
If you would like to see the review (and maybe show it to your readers), you can find it at:

Thanks for sending me this!!!

First X PRO 1 review at Cnet Asia (and some more news)

Fujifilm FinePix X-Pro1 sample video from CNET Asia on Vimeo.

Shawn Low from Cnet Asia (Click here) posted the first full X PRO 1 review: “its slower-than-average autofocus performance and unimpressive battery life are notable shortcomings. The X-Pro1 will wow you with its excellent image performance and low-light capabilities.

Amateur Photographer (Click here) posted a new X-PRO 1 hands-on impression: “In all, though, it is a very pleasing camera to hold, to operate, to look through and to hear go ‘click’. I look forward to the AP in-depth test, and I suspect this will be a camera our readers will want to own.

They didn’t post any test or image samples but you can find some of them in Japan at Kakaku (Click here and scroll down). There is also a full ISO test on the second page of their review (Click here).

Is the X PRO 1 better than the Canon 5DmarkII?

The japanese website DSL-check (Click here) compared the X PRO 1 and Canon 5D markII RAW and JPEG quality. If you click on the image here on top you can see the full size comparison. The X PRO 1 has the edge don’t you think? Fuji said that the X PRO 1 beats current FF camera but to be honest the markII is a quite “old” camera and it will be replaces soon by the markIII. Also Nikon just announced a 36 megapixel cameras. Maybe it’s just me but I would be happy if Fuji would develop a full frame system too!

P.S.: More image (Click here), Alltombild (Click here) and Itmedia (Click here).

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