VSCO FILM 03 for Adobe Lightroom 4 and ACR

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Product description:

“Revolutionary presets and camera profiles to streamline your workflow and produce beautiful post-processing results. VSCO Film 03 introduces the beautiful tones and magical tints of instant film to the digital realm. Built from the ground up, VSCO Film™ 03 for Lightroom [and ACR] 4 utilizes Lightroom’s [and ACR’s] new 2012 process, as well as RGB curves resulting in even greater realism in film emulation. Improved control of color tones and contrast mirror the subtle nuances of analogue film. VSCO Film 03 also includes new custom camera profiles for Fuji, Canon and Nikon, as well as custom tools like Clarity Down, Sharpness Down, Old Lens and various Toning looks tailored to achieve an accurate & authentic Instant film look.”

You can download version 03 at the price of $119 (£75/ €90) here. If you buy it until February 26th you save 25%. Those who already own VSCO Film 01 or 02 will save 50%. If you don’t own it, you can buy version 01 or 02 for the full price and then save 50% on the purchase of VSCO Film 03. So hurry, offer expires on February 26th!

via dpreview

A tutorial video here. First impressions and samples at jeremy cowart here and laroquephoto here

Review: RAW processing with Oloneo PhotoEngine

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image courtesy: thistonybridge.com

I’ve found this interesting review made by Tony Bridge (read here) about the Oloneo PhotoEngine (click here). Antoine Clappier, the principal developer, said to Tony Bridge that

“Our goal is to set Oloneo as a recognized provider of professional software products for photographers. Looking at our customers today, we see that we have a large proportion of professional photographers. This is rather unusual for HDR and Tone Mapping products! Our competitors’ focus is to deliver images with a heavily processed “HDR look”. This can please the hobbyist but certainly not the pros. Our goal is exactly the reverse: creating natural images with invisible processing. The fact that many pros have added HDR/Tone Mapping to their workflow thanks to PhotoEngine shows that we are heading in the right direction!”

Click here to read the whole, comprehensive review. From the conclusions:

“If you are Fuji film X series owner, then you are going to want to have a hard look at this application. It seems to exhibit none of the bad habits prone to its competitors, yielding smooth tonal transitions, remarkable rendition of micro-detail, and superbly natural sharpness and edge detail. You can create a file which is both true and natural, or take its HDR abilities to the max. Files I made with the X-Pro1 show a level of quality so far unmatched by the Big Two (Adobe and Capture One).”

You can purchase the Oloneo PhotoEngine (website) for $149 / €125 or download the free trial version here. (no Mac version available. :-( d’oh!)

(thanks Paul for telling me of Oloneo via facebook)

Fuji X-E1 and X-PRO1 kit deals now at Adorama too.

After BHphoto also Adorama launched the FUji X superkit deal:

1) Click on the “Save up to $1,002.00 with bundle.” X-E1 at Adorama (Click here).
2) Click on the “Save up to $743.00 with bundle.” X-PRO1 at Adorama (Click here).

And here are the BH deals:
1) Click Here To Save $300 On Fujifilm XF 18-55mm f/2.8-4 R LM OIS Lens (BHphoto).
2) Click Here To Save $300 On Select Fujifilm XF R Lens (BHphoto).

miXed zone: SLR Magic 35mm T1.4, Speed Booster and more

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image courtesy: thephoblographer.com

SLR Magic

– I’ve already posted Steve Huff’s review about the SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 (specs&price). Now, let’s go over to the next one, made by thephoblographer (read here).

Well dampened and easy to turn focus and aperture ring, very good build quality, operation is smooth and easy-going, the image quality is amazing (““this looks like I took it with my Leica M8 and 50mm Zeiss Planar“), some slight softness wide open, very pleasing bokeh…. ok, let the test shots speak from now on! Click here to see them and to read more.

SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 at Adorama or here on slidoo.

Here is the email that Fujirumors reader Yves received form Sales dept at SLR Magic :
“Dear Yves. We have 3 lenses that can be used on Fuji X mount cameras. The SLR Magic 35mm T1.4 lens in X mount is ready now, and you can order with us.  No adapter is needed. The SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 35mm T0.95 lens is in M mount, only for use via adapter for M to X mount, M to mFT mount, M to E mount.  This lens has APS-H coverage and it does not work on M mount cameras.  This lens will be available around March 2013. The SLR Magic HyperPrime 23mm f/1.7 lens in X mount.  This lens will be available by March/April.”
Thanks Yves. Click here to see his Flickr album.

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Speed Booster

… and here a speed booster review at youtube of AFMarcotec.

… and more

– “If pricing has made you hesitant to enter Fujifilm’s X-Series, the X-E1 might be just the thing to draw you in. And if you’re just looking for a really nice rangefinder-style ILC, you should give the X-E1 a try. We think you’ll like it.” popphoto X-E1 test (Click here)

image courtesy: popphoto
XE1 test photo xe1test_zps017d3c30.jpg

– Is it to love or to hate? Here is another X-E1 review. “With the X-E1, YOU are the photographer and the artist. There are no Instagram magic, that makes a dull picture exiting. You have to think up what you want to show in the scene you capture, you have to be an artist and a photographer. And that is why I like it so much. I do believe it forces me to be a better photographer.Read it all here.

– If you want to join a new x-forum, just click here to go to Xtogs. They give away a X20.

-Exploring Time Lapse with the X-E1. Read how it works, step by step, from the images to the final video, by clicking here.

– photographytalk posted 6 tips to make photographing in public easier. First tip: 1) Keep it small… the X100 is perfect! Read 5 more tips here.

-Mike Kobal’s night shots with the X-E1 and 35mm (specs & price) / 18mm lens (specs &price)… See them here!

image courtesy: Mike Kobal

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