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Sorry Nikon – This is Where You Lost Me… (Now Fujifilm X-T2 Shooter)


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guest post by theoverratedphotographer – Twitter / Instagram

I’m going to be honest and say I wasn’t an very unhappy Nikon user, but I’ve become progressively despondent. My D750 was great (despite having two shutter replacements), the lenses were great, and the system was great. But I wanted a second body and I wanted that body to be mirrorless. I would have been great to have a mirrorless body coming from the same system as my DSLR but after waiting and hoping for Photokina, that didn’t happen, so I had to question how important DSLR or full frame was for me. The more I compared, the more I really that there was no longer a loss of performance moving to mirrorless, at least not for what I was doing.

I always said that when mirrorless offered a viable alternative, I’d consider switching. Sadly for Nikon, mirrorless now offers a viable alternative, but Nikon isn’t close. To put it into perspective, the race started 5 minutes ago, and the problem isn’t that Nikon started late, they’re still in bed sleeping.

Their last announcement at Photokina was more than just a little disappointing, and I wasn’t the only one. I don’t think I saw many positive comments at all. For those who missed it, Nikon seemed to indicate they might consider, thinking about contemplating, potentially, maybe looking at mirrorless and they would continue to monitor it. I’m glad you’re monitoring it, but if I’m going to continue to invest in a system, I want to know they are doing more than just watching this space. I can watch this space and I don’t even manufacture camera’s.


So where did Nikon go wrong? Well, for starters, if your customers are waiting for you to produce a mirrorless, and we know there are a lot of them out there waiting for this, and if you are actually developing a mirrorless, you may want to mention it. I know what you’re thinking…maybe they wanted to keep it quiet so the market doesn’t know what they’re doing for competitive reasons. No, 10 years ago if Nikon was doing it, it might have been a secret. Now the market actually thinks you an idiot if you’re not doing it. And if you’re doing it and not mentioning it, they think your marketing department are idiots.

In the last 12 months, I’ve seen 5 Nikon amateurs/enthusiasts switch to mirrorless. They probably would have stuck with Nikon if they knew there was a good mirrorless coming, and don’t give me this Nikon 1 crap. I’m talking a mirrorless with a APSC or FX sensor. Sure, we’re not professional sports photographers bu we’re not spending small sums of money either. We may not be buying 400 f/2.8‘s but we are buying D810‘s, D750‘s and pro glass like 24-70‘s, 70-200‘s and 14-24‘s. To put that into perspective, when these photographers go out and buy into another brand, they’re spending $5,000 – $10,000 to start with along with a another $5,000 – $10,000 over the next year or two. Maybe that’s not much to Nikon, but it should be, because when enough people start doing that, the numbers and up. This is the next generation of photographers that influence the youth who are buying and right now, we’re telling them not to buy into Nikon and Canon, because mirrorless is where the future is at, and Nikon and Canon aren’t the future.

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How I Capture Genuine Moments With Complete Strangers

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guest post by Allan Higa – website

I’ve got a love/hate relationship with lifestyle photography. Lifestyle photography for me photos that feel like candid moments where a person is looking at you and not your camera. Each photograph feels like the viewer is with them living in the moment with whomever is in the photograph, and I love that. I love being able to transport someone to Hawaii and experience the lifestyle we’re blessed to have every single day of the year.

But sometimes you shoot with someone for the first time and that chemistry just isn’t there and you don’t click at all. I hate that, a lot.

So over the years I’ve come up with ways to break the ice and get that instant chemistry that leads to photographs that feel genuine and true to the last pixel. Luckily for me Haley didn’t need any of this, but I’ve found that doing these few simple things with each new acquaintance ensures that you’ll break the ice quickly and the two of you will “warm up” a lot quicker, leading you to have way more keepers at the end of the day.

The first thing I preach is don’t pose, don’t act, just do. When you’ve got someone who is shy or more aware of the camera lens than the person behind it, posing makes everything feel rigid and Pinocchio-like. So the best thing you can do is make your subject do something crazy without giving them time to think about it all.

For this photo I had Haley spinning in circles ridiculously fast as she moved up the beach and I followed her. Majority of the photos were completely unusable with crazy hair but it’s a situation that is impossible to not laugh at. After reviewing the images with her and laughing even more, I told her to slow it down a notch and we captured this beautiful moment.

Haley spinning in circles as she moves away from me.

The second thing I like to do to ensure instant awesome photos are captured from the start is giving them something to do with their hands, because karate chop hands ruined everyone’s photos at one time or another. I really wanted Haley to have a few photos where it looked like she was sharing a smoothie with a best friend or a significant other. So in order to capture that moment, I had to take it up a notch again.


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Fujifilm X-Pro2: Using Firmware 2.00

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Kaizen in Action

Firmware 2.00 for the X-Pro2 offers 20 official improvements and more than half a dozen bug fixes. This article explains what’s new for users of the X-Pro2 and readers of The Fujifilm X-Pro2: 115 X-Pert Tips.

by Rico Pfirstinger

Update (02NOV16): Firmware 2.01 for the X-Pro2 restores compatibility with older Nissin i40 flashguns.

Firmware 2.00 for the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is available free of charge—click here to download the current version directly from Fujifilm’s website, but make sure that the name of the downloaded firmware file isn’t changed by your web browser. To avoid name conflicts, verify that no older firmware file for the X-Pro2 is already in your download folder. The correct file name for an X-Pro2 firmware file is always FWUP0008.DAT.

Firmware Update – Here’s How

Please have a look at tips 4 and 5 of  The Fujifilm X-Pro2: 115 X-Pert Tips (enter coupon XPERT40 for a 40% discount). They offer valuable advice on updating the firmware of your cameras and lenses. Additionally, an illustrated guide about downloading new firmware is available here (MacOS) and here (Windows). Click here for a PDF manual from Fujifilm that summarizes and explains the new functions of firmware 2.00. Sadly, this manual also contains several errors.

To check the current firmware status of  your X-Pro2 and any attached lens, switch on the camera while you press and hold the DISP/BACK button.

Firmware 2.00 takes the X-Pro2 closer to the level of the X-T2

In addition to installing new camera firmware, you must also update the firmware of a dozen XF and XC lenses:

Click on the link for the lens you want to update, or click here to access the general update page for all X-mount lenses. To update a specific lens, its corresponding firmware file must be in the top directory level of your camera’s memory card. To start the update process, insert the memory card that contains the new lens firmware file in slot 1 of your X-Pro2, then press and hold the DISP/BACK button while you switch on the camera.

Important: To copy a firmware file from your PC to an SD card, the memory card has to be mounted as a regular drive. It is not possible to transfer files from your computer to a memory card in the camera via a USB connection. So either use a computer with a built-in SD card slot or connect an external SD card reader to your computer.

It is possible (and also quite practical) to copy the firmware files for your X-Pro2 and all your lenses together to the top directory level of the same memory card. That way, you can perform all necessary updates one after the other from one SD card. Just make sure that the lens you are trying to update is attached to the camera while doing so.

This video from Fujifilm illustrates the firmware update process using an X-Pro1 as an example

Firmware 2.00 contains numerous improvements that affect autofocus performance, the electronic shutter, ease of use and power management. It also offers a new flash system.

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Bypassed: The Effects of the M4 Motorway on a Welsh Industrial Town


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guest post by Nick St.Oegger stoeggerphotography.com + www.ptbypassed.com + Instagram @aquietamerican, or Twitter: @NickStOegger

My name is Nick St.Oegger, I’m a documentary photographer from California.

I recently completed my major project as part of a Master’s degree in Documentary Photography at the University of Westminster in London. I was part of a collective who traveled to Port Talbot, Wales to produce different stories about the town, which has been in a state of crisis since the owners of the nearby steel plant announced plans to sell off all their UK assets last spring.

I shot the entire project using an X100T I recently acquired after my Leica was stolen.

Despite an initial hesitation based on previous experiences with the first X100 and early Fuji X cameras, I found the camera an absolute delight to use for the project in terms its light weight and beautiful color output. The whole multimedia piece can be viewed at: www.ptbypassed.com

The Port Talbot Bypass was Wales’ first motorway and the first part of what would become the larger M4. Conceived in the 1930s but finished in 1994, the M4 provided a much-needed economic link between England and the historically depressed south of Wales. It served as a major upgrade to the previous main route between the two countries, the A48, which offered motorists a slow, often perilous journey along winding roads. When the 4.5 mile long stretch was opened in 1966, the town was still experiencing a boom period due to the nearby steelworks, which employed close to 20,000 people. Issues with traffic had been worsening due to an increase in motorists and a growing shift to road based shipping routes. Traffic jams through Port Talbot were a common sight, made worse by a railway crossing that periodically halted traffic, making simple trips across town burdensome.

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Fujifilm XF 16mm f 1.4 WR Lens Review and Images


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guest post by Photomantic – Fujistories

I don’t normally write reviews but this will be not a typical review. Just few thoughts on the Fujinon 16mm lens. I own this lens for more than six months now. I have waited with this blog, so I could try this lens in many different scenarios. I used it in crumpled spaces documenting children in action, on a photo shoots of a new born baby,  several boudoir sessions and on weddings. In addition to professional shooting, this lens is attached to the Fuji camera (currently XE 2), which is always on my table, so my wife can grab it and take a photo of our baby anytime.

Main reason why I wanted a wide Fuji lens was to capture moments with more context and at the same time not to scare my audience. I needed wide open lens which could be used in crumpled spaces. So I don’t have to switch lenses as often.

I already own 18mm lens and I was not sure if 14mm or 16mm would be the best choice. Actually I was not 100% sure if I need this lens at all. Once again I was defeated by GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). I was maybe influenced by totally positive reviews. My decision was easier, when I found out, that this lens can be used for close ups. I sold my canon macro lens and now I have this 16mm beauty.

16 mm Fujinon lens feels pretty solid. I am not sure if it’s influenced by weight or size, but it just screems – quality! The aperture and focus rings can be turned smoothly and with small push of focus ring you can get into manual focus which is awesome. Lens hood is quite big and not that nice, but well at least it’s there. When I tried this lens in a shop for the first time it seemed very heavy to me. I think it’s because I compared 16mm Fujinon lens with my 18mm lens which is extremely light. On my assignments where I take both Canon and Fuji it feels in the contrary light. ;-) It’s a little bit front heavy on XE2 so I am waiting on the new XT2.  Just based on feelings (no exact measurements) this lens produces much sharper images than 18mm.

When shooting close enough, this lens is able to produce very pleasant looking bokeh. This is now my go to lens for close up photos of rings, food and details. I shoot “macro” wide open and manual mode with magnification is so handy in these cases. I love this feature.

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