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Fujifilm XF 16mm f 1.4 WR Lens Review and Images



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guest post by Photomantic – Fujistories

I don’t normally write reviews but this will be not a typical review. Just few thoughts on the Fujinon 16mm lens. I own this lens for more than six months now. I have waited with this blog, so I could try this lens in many different scenarios. I used it in crumpled spaces documenting children in action, on a photo shoots of a new born baby,  several boudoir sessions and on weddings. In addition to professional shooting, this lens is attached to the Fuji camera (currently XE 2), which is always on my table, so my wife can grab it and take a photo of our baby anytime.

Main reason why I wanted a wide Fuji lens was to capture moments with more context and at the same time not to scare my audience. I needed wide open lens which could be used in crumpled spaces. So I don’t have to switch lenses as often.

I already own 18mm lens and I was not sure if 14mm or 16mm would be the best choice. Actually I was not 100% sure if I need this lens at all. Once again I was defeated by GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). I was maybe influenced by totally positive reviews. My decision was easier, when I found out, that this lens can be used for close ups. I sold my canon macro lens and now I have this 16mm beauty.

16 mm Fujinon lens feels pretty solid. I am not sure if it’s influenced by weight or size, but it just screems – quality! The aperture and focus rings can be turned smoothly and with small push of focus ring you can get into manual focus which is awesome. Lens hood is quite big and not that nice, but well at least it’s there. When I tried this lens in a shop for the first time it seemed very heavy to me. I think it’s because I compared 16mm Fujinon lens with my 18mm lens which is extremely light. On my assignments where I take both Canon and Fuji it feels in the contrary light. ;-) It’s a little bit front heavy on XE2 so I am waiting on the new XT2.  Just based on feelings (no exact measurements) this lens produces much sharper images than 18mm.

When shooting close enough, this lens is able to produce very pleasant looking bokeh. This is now my go to lens for close up photos of rings, food and details. I shoot “macro” wide open and manual mode with magnification is so handy in these cases. I love this feature.

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Blog16mm-2 Blog16mm-3 Blog16mm-4

16mm lens can be used for portraits, but you have to count with distortions as this is a wide angle lens.

I use this lens quite often for my family

Blog16mm-7 Blog16mm-8 Blog16mm-9 Blog16mm-10 Blog16mm-11 Blog16mm-12 Blog16mm-13 Blog16mm-14 Blog16mm-15 Blog16mm-16

Some examples from Boudoir photo sessions

Blog16mm-17 Blog16mm-18 Blog16mm-19 Blog16mm-20 Blog16mm-21 Blog16mm-22 Blog16mm-23 Blog16mm-24 Blog16mm-25 Blog16mm-26 Blog16mm-27

Main reason I bought this lens are weddings

Blog16mm-29 Blog16mm-30 Blog16mm-31 Blog16mm-32 Blog16mm-33 Blog16mm-34 Blog16mm-35 Blog16mm-36 Blog16mm-37 Blog16mm-38 Blog16mm-39 Blog16mm-40 Blog16mm-41 Blog16mm-42 Blog16mm-43 Blog16mm-45

Would I buy it again?

Long story short, I can only recommend this lens. It makes sense even for 18mm lens owners as this lens is completely different league than 18mm. It’s not smallest Fuji lens, but I would not hesitate to buy it again.

If you have some specific questions, drop them into the comments below.

If you want to see more of my work you can find it on my website for weddings Photomantic for Fuji I have created a new separate blog at Fujistories, but it needs more content..