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Canon Shooter Tries Fujifilm X-T3 for the First Time: “Intuitive and Inspirational! No Other Digital Camera is so Fun to Use, But…”



Despite the second youth the Fujifilm X-H1 is experiencing due to the massive deals, the Fujifilm X-T3 is and remains the king in the Fujifilm line-up.

As such, we keep up dedicating it roundups here on FujiRumors. So check out the latest one down below.

X-T3 Roundup

Popular youtuber and professional photographer Irene Rudnyk, tried the Fujifilm X system for the first time.

She went for the Fujifilm X-T3 with XF90mm f/2 and XF56mm f/1.2.

Down below you can read what she says:

  • she always used full frame Canon DSLR
  • she is also huge fan of film photography
  • she was looking for the perfect mirrorless camera
  • her friend Lee Zavitz (ZedProMedia) is Fujifilm and Sony shooter, recommended Fujifilm for her style of shooting
  • she loves the vintage look of the X-T3
  • it’s a camera you want to hold, go out, show off
  • great feel
  • she loves the controls
  • shutter button feels nice too
  • intuitive menu. Easy to figure out settings. It took her only 15 minutes to understand the menu (and she never used Fuji before). Amazing menu
  • she loves that the screen flips also in portrait mode
  • zone autofocus was fast. But 25% of the images were still soft
  • face/eye autofocus: she got 99% of sharp results. So it’s better than zone autofocus
  • EVF is one of the main reasons to leave DSLR. You see your exposure. Also great for focus peaking
  • it’s a crop sensor, but she got comparable, if not better image quality results than with her Canon 5D MK III. Smoother, less grain, more dynamic range
  • the comparison, though, might not be fair, since the Canon 5D MK III is an older camera
  • crop sensor makes FF lenses into longer lenses. So all her Canon lenses turn into longer lenses, which annoys her
  • Also, due to crop, f/1.2 becomes f/1.8. That’s also annoying, less bokeh. That’s why she prefers Full Frame
  • X-T3 price point is awesome
  • wormy artifacts if you zoom in 200%, 300% or 400%
  • she googled, and found out that this is Adobe’s fault
  • She downloaded Capture One. Huge difference. No more artifacts with Capture One
  • she is very disappointed with Adobe. She enjoyed working with Capture One, and will now give it a try
  • She shared Fujifilm images on social media, and she got very negative feedback from the community, how bad Fujifilm colors are
  • funny thing, though, is that the images she shared were color graded to her liking, so the community essentially said they don’t like her color grading. She didn’t share the Fujifilm JPEG images
  • even more funny, her followers started comparing her Fuji and Canon shots, saying the Canon looks better. But again, the community basically insulted her color grading, not Fujifilm colors
  • Fuji RAW files have more of a pink-ish tint (but she had different Kelvin set)
  • Canon RAW files always looked warm to her, but compared to Fujifilm, they look more green-ish
  • Outdoor portrait shoot, the files looked very similar (in this case she set the same Kelvin)
  • Colors don’t matter, as she is going to adjust Canon and Fujifilm files in post
  • both Fujinon lenses she used are beautiful
  • Well build
  • crisp and beautiful images, but she still prefers her Canon lenses (especially f/1.2 lenses). But price point is not the same
  • she preferred the 90mm over the 56mm. It gave more colorful and crispier images. Also faster autofocus for the 90mm
  • X-T3 gave her sort of inspiration. She wanted to go out and shoot. She never experienced anything like that with any other digital camera
  • awesome video quality
  • she loves everything, except for the fact that it is a APS-C sensor [she explained above she gets less bokeh as she was used with her Canon f/1.2 lens]
  • she wants to try out the Fujifilm medium format system
  • X-T3 body or lens Combo (save up to $500): BHphoto, AmazonUS, Adorama, Focuscamera

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