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TESTED: Does Fujifilm’s IBIS or OIS Impact Negatively Image Sharpness When Used on Tripod?


Does IBIS or OIS impact negatively on image quality, when working on a tripod?

Let’s see what Fujifilm says:



  • Fujifilm officially says in their X-H1 and GFX100 owner’s manual, you should turn off IBIS when using a tripod

So the conclusions would be:

  • you don’t have to turn OIS off, on the contrary, in some cases it is beneficial to keep it on [NOTE: Here on FujiRumors we still recommend to turn off OIS when you work on a tripod]
  • turn always off IBIS

Well, fellow FR-reader David partially investigated this over at his blog, and here are his findings:

Image Stabilization (OIS) on a Tripod Under Ideal

This test shows no downside to keeping stabilization on while the camera is on a tripod. It doesn’t show any upside either, though that isn’t surprising due to the tripod in question. It is possible that Fuji is using a tripod detection algorithm and changing the stabilization behavior accordingly. Either way though, leaving the stabilization setting ‘on’ appears to have no effect on the on tripod image sharpness.”

IBIS on a Tripod Under Poor

IBIS clearly is beneficial when the tripod is moving around enough to blur the image. Without IBIS, the image is too blurry to be usable. With IBIS, the image is sharp enough to be used for all but the most absurdly critical eye. Second, IBIS isn’t perfect. Don’t expect IBIS to fully make up for motion when the camera is on a tripod.”

Torque Tests for 15, 10, 6 MPH Wind Speeds (using GFX 50s and X-H1)

The results are intuitive. The more wind speed and the larger, longer focal length lens used, the more tripod stiffness is necessary. The weight and sensor format of the camera are not particularly relevant. A stiffer tripod allows the shooter more flexibility in shooting longer focal lengths in windier conditions.”

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required tripod yaw stiffness assembled for each wind speed
required tripod yaw stiffness assembled for each wind speed