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Bullet Time: Creating Animated GIFs for Weddings with 7 Fujifilm X70 Cameras


When I checked my Twitter this morning, I saw that JLBwedding shared with me this cool Tweet:

In summer 2016 he experimented with creating animated GIFs using multiple cameras. The goal was to animate a moment, frozen in time, from several angles. For doing this, he used 7 Fujifilm X70 cameras.

JLBweddings writes:

I tried two different triggering methods. The first was JJC JM-N(II) radio frequency wireless shutter remote controls. My later setup involved tearing apart and wiring together seven corded camera releases. Both methods worked and both failed

Do you like it? Then make sure to check out jlbwedding here to know how it works exactly and see more samples. Read also his 2016 highlights here.

Other wedding photographer like it to make small video clips out of still images, like Kevin Mullins, as you can see in his video below.