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BREAKING: New Fujifilm X-App Announcement on May 24


Fujifilm X-App

It looks like a very long rumor story is going to end.

Quick recap in case you missed the previous episodes:

  • July 2022: FujiRumors shares the rumor that Fujifilm is working on a new Camera App
  • September 2022: FujiRumors leaks the name of the App, X-App
  • October 2022: FujiRumors leaks internal Fujifilm documents that show the name X-App

Well, the wait is finally over according to our trusted sources, as Fujifilm will announce the new X-App on May 24 during the Fujifilm X Summit.

And to be clear: our sources told us they will announce it on May 24. So I don’t know if it will also be available for download on the same day.

But damn, it took Fujifilm really a long time to come out with this one.

And let’s hope it will be a decent App.

I mean, Fujifilm managers recently told us they see smartphones not as an enemy, but as an ally.

Well, that’s nice and good, but in order to really make the mobile phone a true ally, you do need a solid, reliable and feature rich App. Then yes, then the smartphone becomes a useful integration to our X and GFX system.

So, let’s cross fingers that they will get it right this time. ;)

And definitely stay tuned on FujiRumors on May 24. Because one thing is 100% sure: there will be surprises (in addition to X-S20, XF8mmF3.5 and new App). And I will cover everything for you here on FujiRumors.

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