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Birthday Video Postcard from FujiRumors and His Son! :)


Have you ever seen the wonderful movie “Where the Wild Things are“?

In short: a young boy in conflict with his mother runs away after a debate with her and somehow ends up meeting a bunch of monsters.

The monsters represent the emotions the boy carries inside himself: the angry monster, the fearful one, the caring and so forth. And loving all these monsters, hence accepting himself and his emotions, is the key to find harmony and happiness.

In the movie, whenever harmony between all these emotions is achieved, by accepting and loving them, the monsters and the boy howl together.

Well, down below you can see me howling with my 2 and half months young son. My wife recorded this, when I was not aware of it. And when watching it, I realized that’s the howling of pure harmony and joy just as in the movie “where the wild things are“.

And today it’s my birthday.

So how do we celebrate?

Well, you have to do nothing. Just sit down, and I’ll drop a couple of breaking rumors very soon. That will be my gift for you.

But if you really really really insist, you can donate a few bucks for charity to KNGO, an organization that the FujiRumors community already donated $5,000+ and that especially now in COVID-19 times could need every support it can get. You can donate via paypal here and check out the KNGO website here.

If you want to make me a little present, then donate to them.

Take care my friends,