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Best XF Lens Deal of the Year Just Dropped in USA (Hopefully Coming to EU)


When readers ask me when we can expect Fujifilm’s best deals of the year, I usually reply “right before the Japanese fiscal year ends in March“. That’s when Japanese companies try to push sales to show up in front of investors with the best possible numbers.

Well, what Fujifilm just launched today are some of the best deals I have seen this year (Japanese Fiscal year of course), as. for the first time, they include huge savings on Fujifilm’s new 40MP capable f/1.4 lens trinity, a hefty $250 rebate on Fuji’s fastest lens ever and a few more deals.

Just 2 days ago I’ve expressed to you my plan to upgrade to the new XF23mmF1.4 and told you I will wait 1/2 months to see if a deal shows up and if not buy at full price. Well, I hope that the deal in USA is a prophetic sign that such deals are about to drop also in Europe. If it will, then it has to happen before the Japanese Fiscal Year ends. Crossing fingers.

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