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AutoFocus in Low Light: X-Pro2 Beats X-T1, Sony A7RII, Nikon D810, Canon 7DMKII + many more (lesnumerique)



Ok, we have seen, how lesnumerique tests show that the Fujfiilm X-Pro2 focusses faster in low light than the Olympus, Panasonic and Samsung flagships.

After I’ve published the test, there were strong cirtics basically pointing towards 3 aspects:

  • the test is not objective
  • why compare with M43?
  • We want comparisons with Sony, Canon and Nikon!

To the first critic I can just say that lesnumerique is a highly respected and extremely popular French webiste, that has proven in the past not to be afraid to say the truth. They work seriously and professionally. Honestly, if we can’t trust lesnumerique, then we should also stop to trust dpreview, admiringlight, imaging-resource, DxOmark and all the other sites, that work with passion and dedication to deliver the best reviews out there.

To the second critic, I will just say that to me Olympus and Panasonic are the benchmark to what belongs AF-speed. It’s widely known that their AF is blazing fast, faster than any other mirrorless camera (and those who own them – like me in in the past – will be able to confirm this)… and that’s the record Fuji has to break.

And now the last thing: how does the Low Light AF compare to other camera systems like the Sony A7RII, Nikon D810, Canon 7DMKII & more? FR-reader Frankie summed up several lesnumerique data and put them together in one graph: and here are the resutls.

What you can see, is that the Fujifilm X-Pro2 beats them all in low light focussing and writing speed. The Sony A7RII is the worst of the bunch.

Keep in mind though, that it also depends on which lenses they used for testing. I doubt the 35mmF1.4 will perform that good, while the 35mmF2 could perform even better. Also other brands will have variations according to lenses used.

Anyway, the improvement seems to be significant and the best part of all this? The X-Pro2 uses still a pre-production Firmware, so there is still room for improvement until its launch :-)

I know it’s hard to accept, especially for those, who are used since years to criticize the AF-speed of Fuji cameras. But we all should try to be objective here, and so far the best elements we have to judge AF-speed of the X-Pro2 is the feedback that some of the best and most respected reviewers out there give us… and lesnumerique made the start.

take it easy…

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