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X-Pro2: “Impressive Progress, AF in low light outperforms some DSLR’s. ISO 12,800 is impressive!” (focus-numerique)



Fuji X-Pro2 Roundup

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Full Test at focus-numerique

Full X-Pro2 test at the French site focus-numerique (translation): [some excerpts, google translated]

AUTOFOCUS: Studio, reinforced X-Pro2 of 16-55 mm f / 2.8 is very reactive and beyond the X-T1 . The focus is always less than 0.3 s and the wide-angle, latency is 0.2 s. Excellent performance that hoist the new housing at the best hybrids.

On the ground, we confronted the X-Pro2 equipped with 16-55 mm Panasonic GX8 with the 12-40 mm f / 2.8 Olympus . In bright light, the Panasonic Hybrid dominates: the focus is almost instantaneous, but the X-Pro2 is not far. Night photo (without AF), the Fujifilm takes clear advantage. The X-Pro2 will be perfectly comfortable in all light conditions. We noted that the development time greatly depends on the optics used. Thus, the 23 mm f / 1.4 was less reactive, with a much more sensitive pumping effect.

In the darkness, he holds a candle to the best Micro 4/3 and outperforms some reflex. In bright light, the contrast detection Olympus or Panasonic is a bit more responsive. In all cases, the progress made by Fujifilm in the field are impressive.

On the subject tracking burst mode, progress is notable and in our tests, we managed to capture moving subjects with an excellent success rate.

HIGH ISO & IQ: Even at ISO 12 800, the X-Pro2 images are impressive. While the grain is visible, dynamic drop, borders are increasingly blurred, but overall, the picture is easily readable and keeps the material. The texture is fine and light-colored and therefore quite pleasant.

It is interesting to compare the performance of the X-Trans III APS-C sensor of Fujifilm those of Sony A7II 24×36 sensor. Both imagers have the same resolution (24 megapixels), but the sensitive surface of the photosites is very different, the side measuring 3.9 microns at Fujifilm and Sony almost 6 microns. Yet the images are quite similar and it is not easy to separate the two housings to ISO 6400: a good performance for an APS-C case.

Faced with the X-T1 and 16MP, the X-Pro2 also fits easily comparison despite a much higher definition. Again, the performance is outstanding. Canon’s CMOS sensor in the 7D Mark II pales in comparison and it sports the Canon case is far behind in the management of electronic noise.

The magic of imaging X-Trans always work and this 3rd iteration reveals splendid, with excellent noise control up to ISO 6400 and usable images up to 12,800 ISO”

More X-Pro2 Feedback

Most of us were really excited, when we’ve read how, according to lesnumerique tests (Test 1 and Test 2), the X-Pro2 basically sees in the dark, beating all the various flagships to what belongs AF-speed in low light. FR-reader Michael had the opportunity to play shortly with the X-Pro2 (with the 35mmF1.4) and shared the video on youtube here.


X-Pro2 first impressions and ISO test at aevansphoto (includes RAW files to Download)

So, what do I think? The new sensor, OVF, dual card slots, joystick and ISO dial are nice improvements over the X-Pro 1.  I’m looking forward to trying this camera out some more and perhaps having a bit more comprehensive review later on.

ISO seems great from 100iso – 3200 and useable above depending on what you’re using it for.  Personally I’ll be keeping 6400 as my max, with 3200 and below being my safe zone.  But YMMV.

X-Pro review at

AF speed. It is not an exaggeration if I say it is a thousand times faster than the X-Pro1.  The Fuji X-T1 post firmware 4.0 is already quite fast and reliable, but the X-Pro2 takes it to another level, specially in low light. […]  I’m pretty happy with the X-T1 AF speed, but the X-Pro2 just upped the game in that department.”

Samples and comments on Fuji’s improved RAW quality at the Spanish site dslrmagazine (translation).

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