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And here is the XF35mmF2 Announcement Date for fellow FR-readers :-) … Stay tuned on FujiRumors !


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I got a hint from anonymous source (thanks a lot!), unveiling the announcement of the long-expected weather resistant XF35mmF2.

According to the source, the lens will be announced…

… on October 21. This could fit with what rumored earlier (announcement in late October).

NOTE: Anonymous sources can use a nick-name if they want, so I can recognize them in future.

And what about the 1.4 teleconverter? No word for now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it will be announced on the same day. And btw, I know I’ve already shared this information several times on FR, but repetita iuvant: as shared first already back in Febraury 2015, the 1.4x teleconverter will work with the following lenses: XF50-140mm, XF120mmF2.8 R Macro, XF100-400mm. And as said on October 2, unless Fujifilm was able to defy the laws of physics, you’ll lose a stop of light using the 1.4x teleconverter on those lenses.

A kind request

– – – click-bait – – – fake – – – I do it just for traffic – – – I’m always wrong – – – I deliberately spread BS – – – just sensationalism for traffic – – –  this rumor damaged Fujifilm immensely – – – FR is unreliable and Patrick’s 90% correct rumor tracking is manipulated – – – whatever – – – So, I’ve said it one time for all the FR-haters out there. You can now use your time better than starting the next shitstorm… like taking some picture, for example.

That said…

After all these years I feel a bit like Don Quijote (Don Quixote in English), but I’ll try it again: feel free to publish this information on your websites. Just quote the source ( with a working link. Alternatively you can simply completely ignore this blog and don’t steal share any content coming from FujiRumors anymore, may it be a rumor or even exclusive content from Rico’s first looks… I strongly believe in you… you’re the good guys, so you can make it ;) .

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