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SENSOR RUMORS: Organic Sensor still 2 or 3 years to go :: Sony splits its sensor business – good News for Fuji?



Back in June 2013 here, Fuji & Panasonic announced a new partnership: the goal of this cooperation? Create the first organic sensor, which should deliver industries highest dynamic range, higher light sensitive pixels, a range of incident angle expanded to 60 degrees for faithful color reproduction and more.

An ambitious project, which encountered some difficulties. The last thing I’ve heard here is that the main issue is the high battery drain and heat production.

Now, if 43rumors is right, it will still take a 2 or 3 years before it will be ready for mass production. That’s at least the information 43rumors got from a reliable source here.

This means there won’t be any organic sensor in 2016… if 43rumors sources are right.


Just yesterday Sony officially announced that its sensor division will become a separate company. As SonyAlphaRumors says, “this will help them give autonomy to accelerate decision-making and make them more accountable for their profitability.”

What does this mean for us X-shooters?

It’s a known fact that Fuji purchases its APS-C sensors from Sony. It’s also rumored that, since now, Fuji had to wait half a year before being allowed to use the latest Sony sensor (with X-Trans CFA) for their own cameras.

But now that the sensor division had been split off into a separate company, it’s safe to assume that also the agreements could change. That could explain why my sources said, the X-PRO2 will come in January, and they didn’t seem to be worried at all about the continuous Sony A7000 delay.

I’ll try to dig up more for you…

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