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Alleged Fujifilm X-H2S Sony Sensor IMX671 Now Online Promises Future Great High-Speed Performance


Somebody is right now sending some Sony sensor specs to all possible websites. And of course we received it too.

An APS-C format stacked sensor, dubbed the IMX671-AAPH, appears to be a public version of the sensor used in the X-H2S.
This is a sensor that allows for high speed readout without DRAM, the same architecture as the IMX472 in the Olympus OM-1.
Perhaps Fujifilm can achieve greatness in high-speed photography in the future.

Down below you can see the full file I have received.

Again: I have received this anonymously and have no idea if this is the real deal. But if you are interested, the same person dropped me the file for the X-H2 40MP sensor too. Let me know in the comments if you want to get that one too.