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Adobe Launches “Lightroom Classic CC” (and Drops LR Standalone) + Releases Camera RAW 10 with Fujifilm X-E3 Support



Adobe Camera RAW 10 and Lightroom Classic CC

Adobe Camera RAW 10 is now available and it adds Fujifilm X-E3 support. Check out all the the details lightroomjournal.

They also announced Lightroom Classic CC at

Check out techradar to understand better the difference between Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic CC. What’s new in Lightroom Classic CC? Discover it at morethanwords (video below).

The End of Lightroom Standalone

Adobe said it clearly: there will never be a Lightroom 7 version.

Lightroom 6 is the last standalone version of Lightroom that can be purchased outside of a Creative Cloud membership. There will not be a Lightroom 7 perpetual offering. Lightroom 6 will remain for sale for an undetermined amount of time, but will no longer be updated with camera support or bug fixes after the end of 2017. Lightroom 6.13 with support for the Nikon D850 will be released on October 26, 2017.”

It’s the end of standalone version for Lightroom.

Since Adobe moved Photoshop to the subscription based model, they are making record profits every year. So we can’t really be surprised, that the same is now happening with Lightroom.

Embedded & Sidecar workflow in Lightroom “Classic”

John has written a post specifically on the new Embedded & Sidecar workflow in Lightroom “Classic” which really applies to fellow Fuji users.

The key point for us is that to get the most out of Embedded & Sidecar, Fuji users should switch to Raw + JPEG. That’s because the raw files may be 6000×4000 but the embedded previews are 1/3 that size. Sidecars are full res. The article covers this and other important options.

John, who is the author of the X-LR plugin which automatically applies film simulations in Lightroom, adds “wouldn’t it be great if Fuji issued a firmware update to put full size embedded previews in raw files? Let’s all ask Fuji – it’s in their interests, and I know Adobe would love it too.”

Read it at lightroomsolutions