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5 years X-series Celebration! Big Fuji Photo Contest until Nov. 30. Winner announcement + Exhibition in mid-January


 photo ajsdb_zps7affkft9.png

The X series line-up began in March 2011 with the introduction of the Fuji X100. Now Fujifim decided to celebrate the 5 years X-series anniversary with a worldwide contest, launched via Join the contest by submitting your photo, and you might be on of the lucky 100 winners, whose picture will be also displayed at the big Fuji photo exhibition in January 2016 at the Fuji Headquarter… and winner of a prize worth $300!

Fujifilm will be hosting a photo exhibition at their Headquarters in Tokyo to showcase the passionate and creative photography works of 100 renowned professional “X-Photographers” along with 100 professional or enthusiast “X-Users”.

Fujifilm invites X series users from around the globe to join the celebration and take part in the contest by submitting their favorite photo taken on an X series camera for entry.

A total of 100 photos will be selected by a judging panel of professional photographers, printed by Fujifilm experts and then displayed at the photo exhibition in January, 2016

I really really really really would love to be there to see the exhibition, but even if I could fly to Tokyo, I doubt anyone of the Fuji Guys would be happy to see me at their Headquarters.

So I’ll stay here at the FujiRumors headquarter, a rented 65 square meter apartment, hoping to be able to make my own party… by … who knows, maybe pre-ordering the Fujifilm X-Pro2 ;) .

good luck to all of you,
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