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Sony Sensor Hegemony: Sony about to aquire Toshiba sensor business (Toshiba makes 2/3 sensors for Fuji)


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According to Reuters, Sony will have one less competitor in future, since they are about to purchase Toshiba’s sensor business for $165 million! Currently Toshiba manufactures the 2/3 sensors of the X30 and XQ2 for Fujifilm.

Obviously, less competition is not a good thing for us customers.

Regarding camera sensors, Sony’s main two competitors left are Canon and Samsung. The first is developing a 250MP APS-H sensor (source – CanonWatch), the latter will kill the NX camera line (Samsung NX1), which, in my opinion, was the most exciting product shown at the last photokina , and not only because of its great 28MP sensor (source – mirrorlessrumors).

The growing sensor hegemony of Sony (who recently split up its sensor division into a separate company) is one more reason to hope that the almost mythological Organic Sensor developed by Panasonic & Fuji (partnership announcement back on June 2013) will see the light of the day as soon as possible. However, if we can trust latest rumors shared at 43rumors here, it will still take 2 or 3 years before it will be ready. As rumored here, too much battery drain and heat generation could be one of the problems Fuji and Panasonic have to sort out.

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