XF 55-200 in stock at ebayUS + the X100S anti-deal


 photo 55_zpsc8c97166.png

Dealsrunner notified me: the XF 55-200 is now in stock at ebayUS. There are just 7 available at the top rated reseller cameraland. If you waited for it, just click here and get it!

And here is the anti-deal. Do you want a Fuji X100S but pay it like a Leica? Then consider to purchase it via sunset-electronics at ebayUS here. There is only one available.

 photo X1_zps366192e5.png



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  • ThV
    • DanS

      Thats insane….

  • MuMinded

    Wow.. Nice Anti-deal…

    But it’s totally worth it because it’s the limited edition silver-black version…

    oh wait… nevermind.

  • Rene

    I would like to meet these 22 buyers….

    • Christophe

      Maybe, the price changed only for the last unit 😉

  • http://7188photography.com holger feroudj

    Wow…I should start shipping X100s from here (Japan) to the rest of the world! No availability issues here! 😉

  • alex watanabe

    you should stop advertising sunset electronics. I purchased one when you first posted and they called the next day and said they’d ship out on Monday. Then they called again and said that it was water damaged, shipping time unknown. They have no stock and are just trying to secure above retail pre-orders.

    • alex watanabe

      btw ended up buying from a HK seller and it arrived a few days ago – love it. Sold my XE-1.

  • Jared

    Why would anyone buy this?!? If I really needed it in the US, I would just order it from digitalrev for so much less… That said, when it is available, I think I need one. Gear Acquisition Syndrome strikes again!

  • Vagrant

    Not really an anti-deal.
    The deal includes Canon t4i and a lens on top of Fuji X100s.

  • Kawika T

    @alex watanabe: Who did you purchase your’s from? I’m wary of the various “stores” on ebay in Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong/Malaysia