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– FR-reader Sabino just started his travel to Morocco. He will try to update his blog daily. Check out his first post, “Morocco on the road, with my Fuji X-E1, here’s what I carry…” here. You can see images of other travels here.

And here is his travel equipment:

[shoplink 12881]Fuji X-E1[/shoplink] [shoplink 12887]XF 18-55mm[/shoplink] [shoplink 12889]XF 35mm[/shoplink] [shoplink 13677 ebay]Asahi Super-Takumar 135mm/3.5 M42-lens[/shoplink] [shoplink 13678 ebay]M42 to Fuji X adapter Kiwi[/shoplink] [shoplink 13679 ebay]Small and light Manfrotto Tripod[/shoplink] [shoplink 13680 ebay]3 Fuji X-E1 batteries[/shoplink] [shoplink 13681]Lots of SD cards…[/shoplink] [shoplink 13682 ebay]iPhone 5[/shoplink]

image courtesy: Sabino Parente

 photo IMG_7976-620x413_zps4304f103.jpg

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All pictures taken with Fujifilm X-E1 and 35mm f/1.4 lens. This set proved to be a very handy travel companion. Lightweight, simple, yet powerful. Having only one prime lens allowed me to pay attention to what I was seeing instead of what I was carrying with me. I could embrace the rich and colorful Balinese Hindu culture without getting distracted.” Check out jakubpuchalski’s shots in Bali here.

image courtesy: jakubpuchalski

 photo puchalski-1219_zpsd38f4243.jpg

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“[X100S] I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this camera on this trip. Here in America, everyone thinks bigger is better. Everyone and their mothers have that mentality. They think big black DSLR’s are the only things that produce great images. It was cool being in Japan surrounded by people using a variety of cameras. I saw a lot of mirror-less users while i was there and for some reason, I liked that. Not saying there’s anything wrong with DSLR’s, I love my nikon camera, but when it comes to traveling, I don’t want my equipment slowing me down. With such great mirror-less options now, I don’t see how anyone travels with big heavy cameras anymore. But that’s just me.

image courtesy: daniellevitarbophotography

. photo DSCF3151_zps5351c058.jpg

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I left my job as an advertising Creative Director in August 2012 to travel Africa and South America for a year with my wife, documenting these beautiful places with my Fuji X-Pro1.” Follow this blog here.

image courtesy: handcarryonly

 photo DSCF3706-XL_zps97d0cae1.jpg