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XF 55-200: promotional video (with Max Angeloni) + hands on (Jim Siano)


Fuji XF 55-200: [shopcountry 12892]

1) Well, normally promotional videos aren’t the most exciting thing to watch. But this time Fujifilm has chosen Max Angeloni (riflessifotografici) for the promotional video of the 55-200. Just one sentence to present himself, another one for his city Rome, and then you will see Max working with the XF 55-200 in real life and many different conditions: interior shots, on the street, in the studio, in low light, you’ll see crops and hear about the strengths of this lens etc (Max really knows his job!)… and it’s all packed in a 2 minutes and 44 seconds snappy video and soundtrack appositely composed for this promo by Andrea Camilletti! Really not bad for a promotional video. But check it out by yourself by clicking here.

2) Jim Siano hands on the 55-200 here: “It is very sharp […] Much has been made of Fuji’s focus speed with the X-series of cameras… DSLRs are light speeds ahead. At least on a positive note, the accuracy of the autofocus is great. […] I can wholeheartedly recommend this lens for anyone with the X bodies that needs a zoom. As long as you are not anticipating shooting sports, this is a superb piece of engineering. And at US$ 699, it is incredible value.”